Posted on: Wed, 10/06/1999 - 11:22am
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Has anyone ever been denied passage on a flight due to the allergy? This summer American Airlines forced my family to get off the plane because of my son's peanut allergy.

Posted on: Mon, 12/18/2000 - 3:05am
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Anonymous (not verified)

That is a wonderful story about your friend. But, how horrible for the people who left the plane. It sounds like we all still have work to do.

Posted on: Wed, 10/06/1999 - 11:45am
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We sent Anne a request to repost this on the "Airline Discussion Board" (to help keep things organized) Please start a thread there about this if she did not yet and you want to respond (just copy and paste her text from here to the new thread), please do not post to this "Main Discussion Board" thread. We will delete it here, after she reposts to the airline discussion board or a new thread is started. Thanks.
Stay Safe

Posted on: Wed, 10/27/1999 - 3:40pm
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Ann, I have posted a thread for this under "AIRLINES"; please let us know what happened to you.

Posted on: Wed, 08/01/2007 - 6:16am
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Laurie-According to The Peanut Allergy Answer Book United does not regularly serve peanuts on flights, it doesn't give info on Lufthansa.

Posted on: Wed, 08/01/2007 - 8:13am
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I can give you info on both.
United *does not* serve "blatant" peanut containing roasted peanuts, peanut butter crackers, anything with an actual chunk of peanut in it. They do though, have cereal/snack bars that have 'may contain' on them, and same with other items in their snack box.
However, I am fine with people around me eating may contains.
Lufthansa has bent over backwards for me recently as I am flying from Munich to athens this fall. They also do not serve blatant peanut containing items. I have emails and a written letter to this effect.
In the written letter they mailed me, they gave the usual "We cannot control what other passengers bring on board" speech, also about having on my person appropriate emergency medication (Epipen and benadryl) that are prescribed to me, with a letter from my doctor in the unlikely event there are raised security issues.
Additionally - my employer mistakenly booked me on a Lufthansa flight that was actually carried by Aegean airlines, which is not peanut free and wouldn't comply. So, Lufthansa CHANGED MY RESERVATION FOR FREE and waived the change in airfare! It was so cool...all because I was calling and asking nicely, telling them why I can't fly Aegean, why I booked on Lufthansa in the first place...yada yada yada.
So - I highly recommend both United and Lufthansa. Also of note, US Airways (international too) is also peanut free...they are who I am flying to get to Munich from Boston.
Best of luck! I'll reraise my other lufthansa flight, though you can also fine it by searching under Airlines.
Do call the airlines though and have them note the peanut allergy in the reservation, and also let the head flight attendant know. *Sometimes* (for kids) they will make an announcement about a pa child being on board. At the very least, they can help you talk to those in your row/behind/in front and assist you in changing your seat if needed.
Adrienne [img][/img]
30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

Posted on: Thu, 09/27/2007 - 11:28am
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How was the trip? How was the flight?

Posted on: Wed, 12/10/2008 - 7:46pm
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Welcome! :)
You might find one at this site:

Posted on: Sun, 02/10/2008 - 4:03am
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We just flew Jetblue with my 19 mo PA, TN, egg allergy son. I was very pleased with Jet Blue. When we booked they noted his allergies. We reminded again at check-in and to the staff when we entered the plane. They serve some brand of blue potato chips, animal crackers, Dorito snack mix, a cookie or brownie and I think cashews. (They might have a list on their website)They asked me if "may contains" are ok or if I prefer if they don't serve them.
They announced at the beginning of the flight there was a child onboard with a severe nut allergy and listed the choices of snacks and asked if anyone brought nut products onboard if they could refrain from eating them on the plane.
Everything went well!!!!
I wasn't sitting with my husband on the flight, but he heard a couple people mumble and gripe about the kid with the allergy. Someone near him said something about the peanut police. My husband set him straight!

Peanut Free Store

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