Air Transit


My dh and myself are going to St. Maarten sonesta maho beach and casino resort. He won this trip from work. We want to take our 15yrs old p.a. son.

Has anyone used Air Transit before?

I am very nervous about this (but my dh seem okay),(not that that makes me feel any better).

The Airline said to me they do not guarantee anything but they did say that they no longer serve nuts.

Has anyone with a p.a. been to this resort or near by?

I did call the resort and the General Manager said he has never had anyone with "nut" allergies ask this question before about the food!! I tried to speak to the chef but he doesn't understand English very well.

I am having an anxiety attack just thinking about this.

Please help with any comments. Sandy

On Mar 4, 2006

Did you fly Air Transat? I am thinking of booking a flight from Toronto to Florida with them.



On Mar 12, 2006

We just got back this morning. The flight was very good. They served Subway sandwiches and a Subway chocolate chip cookie. There was no ingredients on the cookie and when I asked two different people, they hadn't a clue what was in it, so I didn't eat it. (I am anaphylactic to to sulfites)

I didn't see any nuts on the flight, but I know that my ds doesn't eat at Subway because the make pb cookies with the other cookies.