Air New Zealand/Air France


Hi, I am considering either of these airlines to fly from Los Angeles to Tahiti. I called both airlines and they told me they do not serve peanuts. I just want to double check, and see whether people have had particulaly good or bad experiences with either of these airlines. ANy info will help. By the way-Air Tahiti Nui does serve peanuts for anyone interested!!!

On Oct 15, 2005


I have not flown with Air New Zealand but am considering flying from Sydney-Wellington with them sometime in the mear future. I sent them an email asking them if they serve peanuts or nuts as snacks on their flights and they replied thus:

"Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your email.

Air New Zealand is unable to provide an allergy-free environment in regards to snacks and meals. If you are allergic to nuts and peanuts we advise that it will be safer for you to bring your own food onboard as we do not provide allergy-free meals. The only special meal that we now provide on our trans-tasman services is a vegetarian meal.

We hope this information has been of assistance.

Kind Regards.

Air New Zealand Online Support."

Now, this didn't actually answer the question I asked them so I wrote back asking them again if they served pn on the flights and got this response:

"Dear Michelle,

We serve packets of vege crisps on our flights.

Kind Regards.

Air New Zealand Online Support.

So I take from this that they are don't serve peanuts as snacks but that their food may not be safe - so I personally would be happy to fly with them and bring my own food.

Hope this helps,


On Oct 16, 2005

Thanks, that is helpful info.