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I just flew Air Canada from San Francisco to Vancouver...not only was it a brand new plane...peanuts were no where to be found. They tell me that they don't serve peanuts on any flights. What a lovely flight not having to worry about touching peanuts or more importantly smelling them.

On Mar 23, 2000


Just so you know, Air Canada has not been serving peanuts for about a year now. What is unclear is whther this policy will also apply to Canadian now that they have merged - I don't know if Canadian was peanut free before or not.


On Dec 19, 2002

Remember to remind the airlines about your allergy no matter how informed they are suppose to already be on the allergy.

If you are flying to another country be sure that the caterers loading the plane for your return trip are informed of the allergy!

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On Dec 19, 2002

We had some conversations with Air Canada today re: customer complaint of peanuts being served on a plane with a peanut allergic child on board.

This was a USA to Canada trip.

We asked if Air Canada has a written policy regarding peanut allergy and was told by the person who contacted us from the company that she was not aware of one. She will research this further. We requested they have a written policy in place and made suggestions as to wording. We offered our services if the company would like to consult with us to put together a policy.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on what a policy should contain. Email and post!

We have a file started and told the company that we will be checking back with them as a follow up to today's work.

Air Canada phone number (514) 422-5000

I want to thank the family that contacted us today and whom alerted us to the problem they experienced.

I also want to encourage you to contact us, post on these discussion boards etc. whenever you have a problem that needs to be addressed, a concern of any kind regarding peanut allergy, and anything that we can learn from.

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On Jan 7, 2003

We tried to book flights on Air Canada to find they serve mixed nuts in first class (although no peanuts). This still is a problem for peanut allergic individuals because many mixed nuts contain traces of peanuts. By the way for flying within Canada Westjet did not serve any nuts or peanuts - only pretzels and Mr. Christie peanut-free cookies.

On Jan 7, 2003

My children just flew Westjet to Calgary to visit their dad as UM's. I was told the snack would be pretzels but almonds were given out.....

On Jan 11, 2003

I'm flying Air Canada Tango tomorrow morning on my way to Florida.

I was told that they serve no peanuts and in fact, my cousin who's a stewardness has confirmed no peanuts. However, peanut traces may be found.

In our case, I'm bringing our own food since we also have to deal with eggs, and milk. (soy has been declared as ok by the allergist just yesterday!)

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On Jan 15, 2003

I can confirm now that Air Canada Tango is offering cashews all through the flight. The only good news is that they're for sale, so not everyone is getting them. Of course the guy seated behind my son bought them... [img][/img]