Ahhh Freak Out!


This 70s disco song should provide the soundtrack to every meal I've eaten the past two years.

I'm 26 years old and a life-long sufferer of fatal allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. But only after an episode in late 2007 did I become so attuned to my allergy to the point that my vigilance began interfering with my life. Now I find myself trying to strike a balance between food safety and personal sanity.

I'm secure in my practical knowledge of how to treat a reaction if one should occur: I carry an epi-pen religiously, I conduct a Spanish Inquisition of restaurant staff, I do much of my own cooking. But I found myself gravitating towards networks like peanutallergy.com to better manage the other aspect of living with a fatal food allergy.

I signed up on this site today and wasted little time lobbying the web managers to let me blog. I have to admit that my desire to share my ongoing allergy narrative is part selfish -- I'm seeking an outlet for the low-level trauma I experience with most meals. But selfishness alone isn't what's driving me to talk about my problems, otherwise I'd write down these impressions in a journal and remove myself from this cyber soapbox. My hope, in fact, is that adult allergy sufferers will gain some perspective by reading about my experience. I'd like to help others manage their allergy-laden lives more rationally as I attempt to do the same with my own.

Thanks for listening. There is more to come for anybody who's interested in keeping the theme of this dialogue alive.

By Ashley5473 on Jun 1, 2009

haha you are too funny! that is a great theme song for each meal, btw!