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I was just curious how old everyone's children are ? My PA/TNA is 9 1/2 my youngest is couple months shy of 7

On Apr 27, 2005

Mine are 22, 19 and 7. (And an almost 3 year old grandson.)

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On Apr 27, 2005

mine are a 7 (going on 16) year old boy, a 6 year old girl and my PA son is 2 1/2.

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On Apr 27, 2005

Pa child soon to be 6,has a twin NonPa child 9

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On Apr 27, 2005

My son is 30, plus two grandkids ages 5 & 3.

Edited to add: 30 year old son with EA, 5 year old granddaughter NKA and 3 year old grandson Ethan, possible asthma, EA, definately allergic to dogs and gets hives at the drop of a hat from who-knows-what. I'm keeping my eye on him concerned that the hives may be from FA. I'm the one with PA.

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On Apr 27, 2005

Mine are 9,7,5. Oldest is a girl and then two boys. Middle child is one with PA.


On Apr 27, 2005

My little monsters:

5yr old twins boy-pa/tna girl-asthma

2yr girl (going on 30) no allergies yet

On Apr 27, 2005

PA daughter 17, non PA son 14

On Apr 27, 2005

My PA son almost 15

On Apr 27, 2005

My guys are 5 year old fraternal twin boys - one PA & the other not.

Renny - we should talk! Our lives must have lots of parallels.

On Apr 27, 2005

Hi Katam's mum:

I have 3 fraternal triplet boys, 8 years old. One son is PA, the other 2 have no known allergies.

(Lots of multiples on this thread!)


On Apr 27, 2005

I have two boys.

One 7 year old with PA (rast >100), formerly EA but outgrew.

One 3 year old with NFA so far.

On Apr 27, 2005

My oldest DS is 13. (Enviromental allergies and asthma) MY DD is 11 (PA & Pencillin). My youngest DS is 9 (PA, Soy, Enviromental allergies and asthma).

On Apr 27, 2005


Daughters are 21 and 18 (no allergies) Son 11 1/2 PA/TN


On Apr 27, 2005

My little guy is 3.

On Apr 27, 2005

My daughter will be 13 next week - environmental allergies, slight asthma, lactose intolerant

My son is 3 - PA, environmental allergies - we also avoid plain eggs, all treenuts, and annatto (no confirmed allergy, just seems to get a rash everytime he eats it)

On Apr 27, 2005

boy 9 tommorrow PA & chocolate girl 7 chocolate allergic, milk and soy allergy outgrown boy 4 chocolate allergic

On Apr 27, 2005

11 year old son with PA/TNA and amoxicillin allergy

8 year old daughter with amoxicillin allergy

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On Apr 27, 2005

I have 2 boys: one is 20 and the other will be 18 in May;

and I have 2 girls: 14 and PA DD will be 10 in June.

On Apr 27, 2005

DS is 4 1/2 PA DD is 2 Stepson is 17

On Apr 27, 2005

I have twin boys, they'll be 3 next month. One is peanut, milk and egg allergic. The other doesn't have any allergies as far as we know .


On Apr 27, 2005

My 5-year-old son is PA

My 20-month-old daughter has no known allergies...but then, she hasn't been exposed to any of the major allergens yet.

On Apr 27, 2005

My DD is 11 and the boys are 7 and 6. The youngest is the one with allergies although they only developed a few months ago.

On Apr 27, 2005

6 year old (PA, Amoxicillian)

4 1/2 year old (NKA)

2 year old (NKA)

ALL BOYS [img][/img]

On Apr 27, 2005

I have a 6 yr old daughter with PA, TNA and amoxicillin allergy (she outgrew milk and egg allergies) And a 2 1/2 yr old boy with egg allergy (outgrew milk allergy)

On Apr 27, 2005

7 year old son,peanut, amoxicillin, environ., cats, dogs, dust 9 year old son,egg allergic, cats, dogs, environ.

On Apr 27, 2005

Joy, 6 years, allergic to peanuts, soy, and cats

Josh, 8 years, allergic to tree pollen


On Apr 28, 2005

11 PA girl 10 nka girl 8 1/2 PA, Shellfish girl 5 nka boy

Every other one came with allergies, so we stopped before #5 [img][/img] Rachel

On Apr 28, 2005

31/2 boy-kna 2 1/4 boy- pa, ma, sa and amoxicillan

On Apr 28, 2005

4 1/2 year old son, peanut and dairy allergies

19 month old daughter, NKA (blood tested negative for PA and DA)

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On Apr 28, 2005

I have three kids:

DD 15 asthma, multiple EA's, possible OAS DD 9, asthma, multiple EA's, OAS DS 7, asthma, multiple EA's, PA


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On Apr 28, 2005

Son is 6 1/2, PA, possible TNA Daughter is 3 1/2, NKA


On Apr 28, 2005

3.5 year old boy (PA/EA) 2 year old girl (Asthma/EA) 10 month old boy (NKA)

On Apr 28, 2005

kelly01, you raise an interesting question (in my mind's eye anyway) [img][/img]

My PA son is almost 9-1/2 years old. My non-PA daughter is 7-1/2 years old.

Both children have asthma, although my PA guy's is worse (daughter was diagnosed with RAD and has never had an attack). Both have environmental allergies and my daughter developed an amoxicillin allergy last year.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Apr 29, 2005

4 yr boy- PA, cat, dog and environment allergies. 9mo old boy- NKA

On Jun 7, 2005

I have two sons

8yrs old amoxicillin allergy ( repeated vomiting-ER visit), outgrew dairy,mango

4 1/2 yrs old, PA class 6, is outgrowing egg,wheat,soy (prior level 4++), outgrew potatoe,peppers,citrus,bananas,etc...! He has come a LONG way.

On Jun 8, 2005

My oldest son is 5 and allergic to [img][/img]eanuts, dogs, cats, horses, pollen, ragweed and mold

My other son is 2, will be 3 July 16th and has no known allergies.


On Jun 8, 2005

My twin girls will turn 3 this month... one has PA, the other no allergies (that we know of- knock on wood!).

On Jun 9, 2005

I have two amazing boys 9 codiene, pen 3 pa, red food dye, asthma

On Jun 10, 2005

My TNA/environmental allergies/asthma/ lactose intolerant ds is 5.5yrs old and I also have a ds 11yo with environmental allergies/ADD/Non verbal learning difference.

On Jun 13, 2005

I have three boys:

7 pollen, dust, mold, grass, "the world" 5 PA 2 1/2 (nka)

All 3 have asthma although PA son has definitely had the worst go of it - his flare-ups were harder to get under control but it seems to be getting better. Little guy hasn't been tested yet - waiting till he's a little older and treating just like my PA son until then.

All 3 are adorable [img][/img]

On Jun 13, 2005

My kids are 51, 49, 48, and 43.

The older three are all stepchildren, but they have been "mine" for 38 years.

All of the four have environmental allergies -- grass, pollen, etc. Some of the 12 grandchildren (ages 13-24) also have environmental allergies, and one is lactose intolerant.

I am the only PA/TNA person in the family.

My one biological child was kept away from lots of foods at the request of her pediatrician. He said her early exposure to them might cause her to develop allergies. I don't know if this is still advised, but I kept her away from cow's milk, nuts and peanuts, tomatoes, citrus, and a lot of other foods. She has no food allergies except to mushrooms, which just upset her stomach.