Advice please.pnallergic ds newly diagnosed w/asthma-Long

Posted on: Fri, 09/26/2003 - 11:50am
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My 9yo ds has been diagnosed with asthma. He has no wheezing, but has had a persistant cough since this past spring after he was sick all winter with flu, walking pneumonia and other viruses.

My ped checked his air flow w/ a peak flow meter and his capacity was at 80+ percent. Did a breathing treatment and it improved to almost 100%. Ds already takes claritin and singulair every day and was on them when we saw the dr. He coughs after exercise and allergy triggers like someone cutting grass or dust from house cleaning and when he is upset emmotionally. Ped wants him to take
all at the same time. This sounds like an awful lot of meds for a very small 9yo-less than 60lbs.
We have already been to another dr (allergist) who I was not happy with at all-very bad care.
Ds is anaphylactic to pnuts with many allergies and chem sensitivities. I am fresh out of doctors. We homeschool so I can control his environment somewhat.
Ds was extremely healthy other than the anaphylaxix until all this, throwing off colds when the rest of us would get terribly ill.
I ordered a peak flow meter and plan to moniter him at home. Thanks for reading.
Any advise?


Posted on: Fri, 09/26/2003 - 11:58am
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My son was on Claritin and Nasonex at 4 yo. Also on ventolin/flovent treatment for each asthma attack.
He's almost 6 now, and is no longer asthmatic. I guess he outgrew it, but the Nasonex, in our case, made a big difference. Still does when he gets a cold too.
My son's asthma was cold-triggered, and someting allergy (environment) triggered. Basically if his nose was blocked, he'd get asthma. This is no longer the case.
Oh, and I guess it was Nasonex and keeping him home that really helped. We pulled him out of daycare at that point, and are now homeschooling too

Posted on: Fri, 09/26/2003 - 1:19pm
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Donna, check out this site - it really helped me through the early days of being first diagnosed.
There are message boards there and everyone was helpful.
My son, who is 7 takes Advair, Zyrtec in the fall, and albuterol as rescue med. Are Claritin, Singulair and Nasonex all allergy meds?
oops, meant to include that my son weighs 59 lbs.
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Posted on: Sat, 09/27/2003 - 1:25am
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My sons have taken all these meds, not together. When they put them on the advair they took them off the singulair.
I would suggest asking a pharmacist you trust if it is safe taking all of them together.

Posted on: Sat, 09/27/2003 - 4:32am
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I have had asthma to some degree for many years and recently switched from Singulair, Flovent, and albuterol as needed to Advair and albuterol as needed. I started with the highest dose of Advair, and stepped it down over several weeks.
Maybe you could ask your doctor to try the Advair without the Singulair. That sounds like an awful lot of medicine for a child, but I am no MD. BTW, the Advair works great for me; hoping it will work for your son.

Posted on: Sun, 09/28/2003 - 12:48am
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Thank you all for your replies and for the link to the website.
I talked to the phamacist and he said it was OK to use them all together, but I only introduce one new thing at a time if at all possible. Too many weird allergies in the family. From what I understand Singulair and Advair are two totally different medications and do different things. The Claritin is for allergies. Singulair can be for allergies or for asthma.

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