Advice on Questions to Ask Allergist


Hi all,

Our first appointment with a pediatric allergist is tomorrow. Elliott is 14 months old and has had one reaction (that we know of for sure) to peanut butter, with hives. I hate it when I go to an appointment and blank out on information to find from the doctor so is there anything offhand that I might not think of? I want to compile a short list to bring with me. Thanks!

On Sep 25, 2006

What do you want to find out?

What kind of testing is available?

Stop me, if this goes to far, kwim?

I want to test for peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg, etc...

I want to RAST vs SPT because I want 0 exposures.

BTW - Wheres my epi pen jr rx, and explain how to use it.

When do I go in for testing? Yearly? good.

Asthma issues? How do I treat?

Anything else, AFAIK, you ask here [img][/img]

Good luck!!


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On Sep 25, 2006

Thanks Jason [img][/img]

That was on par with what I was expecting to ask. I'm not sure what to think about the skin test vs. Rast. I would like to know if he has other allergies as well. Do I need a skin test for this? Are there big risks with skin testing that I need to be aware of? I wish I were better prepared for this appointment... I've been reading but I still feel somewhat in the dark.


On Sep 25, 2006

I'll add to Jason's (excellent) advice by saying that if I know in advance that we want answers to a question that will send Doc to the literature, we drop off a letter a couple days to a week prior to our appointment.

That gives him a fighting chance against the force of 2 PhD researchers. LOL!! [img][/img]

Naw, seriously-- consider giving him advance notice for anything out of routine clinical practice.

Have fun!

On Sep 25, 2006

That's funny, I was in a research field prior to staying home with Elliott. I suppose boards like this attract those of us who want to know as much as possible!

Thanks for the tips, I like the idea of sending questions ahead of time. I'm sure they'll appreciate not being bombarded.