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My son starts school after the holidays..he has been visiting the school for one day a week for the past 6 weeks and has enjoyed the experiance. There are a couple of PA allergic kids already at the school and the school knows about his allergy.

At one of his visits i was talking to the head teacher about how we will deal with his lunch...i told her that he will be bringing his own lunch..she then took me to speak with the cook and said that the school does cater for food allergies. A dietician comes to the school weekly and checks out the menu and the ingredients then reports to me on which days would be safe for my son to have a school lunch. I had a look at the menu and i agreed that most of the things on it would probably be ok for mac&cheese... homemade soup...baked potatoes. I told her i wasn't too keen on this idea as i have always been in control of his eating and it freaks me out a little letting someone else give him his food.

She is going to set up a meeting with the dietician, the cook and myself. So i will see how that goes.

After that we were sitting talking about the allergy when she casually mentioned the disclaimer i would be signing....???? This has never been mentioned to me at all at any of the meetings. Now i am getting cold feet about sending him just doesn't give me great confidence. Is this the norm?

Remember i am in Scotland, so i am guessing things will be slightly different.

Any info or advice will be greatly appreciated.

On Jun 13, 2006

Disclaimer? never heard of one in england.

on the food front, lots of school catering companys avoid nut and nut products as allergies are increasing.

I have a copy of the 06 medicines in schools book, which covers the whole of england, and there is no mention of a disclaimer. Insurance wise this should not be needed for you to have any part of. In England once they have accepted a child a school place they have a 'duty of care' for that child. If a state school , they must inform the LEA and they cover them for liability. If private, an insurance company has to be informed and is part of the cover. Again have never heard of the need for a parent to sign a disclaimer.

hope this helps.


On Jun 13, 2006

Thanks Sarah...Yeah it was new news for me as well. I will wait untill the meeting to see what they say about it, then i will type it up on here and see what you think of it.

On Jun 14, 2006

will scotlands schools be included in the new rules for school meals? higher quality meat and no junk food? Will your senior schools also have to cope with the vending machines full of nuts and fruit? This all starts for us in England in september. sarah

On Jun 14, 2006

Im not sure...I went to the school with Aaron today where he met his fellow pupils and his teacher...we also got to experiance school dinners. I was actually impressed with the dinners, a lot different from when i was at school. There was no junk food at all for any of the monthly options. I will check out the new guidlines you were asking about.

After the lunch the children went to see their classroom and the parents attended a meeting in the assembly hall...for an hour and a half the head teacher explained the do's and don'ts for attending the school. This was the first time that all the class pupils had met and i thought it would be a good oppertunity for them to be told about Aarons allergy. I went and requested this to the teacher in which she said..oh what a good idea. After all..these are the parents of Aarons classmates.

Well....I wasn't impressed with her went like this

We have some pupils at this school who are allergic to PEANUTS ..therfor can i ask you don't give your child PEANUTS to bring to school.

I wanted it to go like this..

In your childs class we have someone who is allergic to peanuts AND all other nuts. Therfor could you not give your child any nut products to bring to school...blah blah blah

Anyway after the meeting we were handed out a welcome pack, inside the pack were various leaflets 4 of them were to do with healthy eating options. All through these leaflets they suggest different peanut butter recipes ...nuts.. obviously parents are going to follow these recipes when they run out of ideas for packed lunches. It was just a very frustrating day.

Then i had to ask for my request form for prescribed medication to be given to my son. They wanted to give me it 1-2 weeks into the school term?? i told them i wanted it running from day 1. Anyway on the form it has this written.."I understand that the medication must be delivered personally to ........ and accept that this is not a service that the school is obliged to undertake. What does that mean?

Anyway sorry i babbled away there...the answer to your question Sarah is....I don't know lol.

On Jun 14, 2006

My advice would be ( after reading your last post) is to go to your health visitor or gp and get the phone number of your community school nurse. Ring them , ask if they have(epi trained) trained any teachers in your school. Then ask them to arrange for a time when the nurse , the head teacher and you can meet to plan the school protcal. If they have, perhaps suggest a reminder training as your child is new to the school.

The school staff asking for a form to be filled in 2 weeks after start of term indicates they have little idea of what they are dealing with. This has to be sorted out before the end of this term. Other wise they will not be prepared at the start of september.

I hope this helps sarah