Parent with a food allergy raising a child without

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Question for adults with peanut/nut allergy. I've lived my entire life with a peanut/nut allergy. My question is how do you go about raising your kids? I will be giving birth this week to my first child. I've started thinking about what it will be like to raise her.. of course I don't know if she will have a nut allergy yet. Has anyone had any difficulties with having a food allergy while raising your kids? Taking your kids to school, birthday parties etc.? Do you watch what they eat in order to protect yourself? I don't want to limit her life because my own is some what limited.

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Thank you for reaching out to our community about this concern.
When it comes to the likelihood of your child developing a peanut allergy based on genetics and your diet during the pregnancy, the jury is still out. There is a lot of controversy about whether there are ways to prevent a child from becoming peanut allergic. However, the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology recently came out with a guide for peanut introduction in young children that you may find helpful.
If your child does not develop a food allergy, it is still important to familiarize him or her with your needs and how to act in an emergency. Of course, this will become easier as your child gets older and is able to take on more responsibility. This helpful article breaks down this crucial talk with your children by different age groups.
As an allergic person in a world full of peanuts, you have to make some difficult decisions about whether you will allow your children to have peanuts in the house, or at all. There are many valid cases both for and against peanut-free households. Here is one community post that provides a variety of outlooks on the issue.
If your family chooses to still consume peanut products, they should communicate with you about what they’ve eaten and when so that you can take the proper steps to keep yourself safe. For your safety, cleaning precautions demand extra attention when there are peanut-consuming children around. Handwashing should be a regular practice in your home, regardless of whether it is a peanut-free household. Here is a post that discusses cleaning practices in the home to avoid contamination.
Many people with PA report that their families are supportive and helpful when it comes to their peanut allergies. Still, a food allergy means that there are certain things your family may not be able to do together, including eating out at high-risk restaurants and attending baseball games with wide peanut distribution. Here is a community post where people with PA discuss the inconveniences their allergies cause for their loved ones.
We put up your question for discussion by our Facebook Community. Here’s what they had to say about PA parenting.
We hope you find these discussion boards and articles helpful. Best of luck to you!

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I have been in the same boat. My kids are 11 & 9 and have never eaten any peanuts or nuts. I had them tested at the allergist when they were 6 & 4. And they both tested negative to the skin tests. The last challenge I was told by the allergist is to give them peanut butter and observe them. Obviously I've not been brave enough to do that yet. My kids just follow the rule to ask if food has peanuts in it and do not eat it so they an still kiss me and not worry about killing Mom. After the negative allergy tests I started allowing them to eat some foods that say "may contain" and was obviously much more relaxed when they attended birthday parties. My kids I'm sure will eat a Snickers bar eventually but for now they do not feel left out or like they are missing something. They just know and accept that it's safer for Mom this way.

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