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I'm new here and trying to figure out some test results for my 9 year old daughter.
She has suffered for years from "constant" reflux/heartburn and occasional vomiting. When I took her to a new allergy doctor he was able to see that her throat was red from the constant acid.
She had an IgG ELISA test run which came back with 3 stars (0.772) for peanuts.
Over a year ago, she had an IgE test run, which came back with peanuts at <0.10, which means it was below detection limits - no allergy, I assume.

After much internet reading, I think her situation is that she has a delayed allergy vs. an immediate allergy??? Apparently, the delayed allergies cause lots of gastro problems. Does anyone know if this correct? She has eaten peanuts and peanut butter for years.

Do IgG ELISA blood tests test for true allergies or is the IgE more accurate?

Can a delayed allergy turn into an immediate allergy/anaphylaxis?

Sorry for the long post, I'm just so confused as to whether or not she has a peanut allergy. I want to go back into the doctor's office as well prepared as possible.

Thank you so much for your help!

Posted on: Tue, 08/26/2014 - 12:03am
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From what I have learned, allergies can develop at any time. A specific allergy is not programmed. Our family doctor told us it was the "ability" to become sensitized that is part of your make up. I developed allergies to crustaceans in my 30s. I had been exposed to crab, shrimp & lobster over the years without mishap, then one day I had a minor reaction.
About 15 years later, I started taking glucosamine and developed joint aches. Good thing I was taking glucosamine! HA! Joke was on me. With research and better labeling on vitamins I learned glucosamine can be derived from crab cartilage. Now I stick with vegan options for my vitamins!
Not every allergy, even in the same person, will behave the same way. I have multiple allergies and symptoms range from sniffles to throat closing. Any allergy can become serious and life threatening. We don't know enough to predict. With respect to the accuracy of your daughter's testing, your new doctor found something that the others missed, start with her (or him).
Thank you for joining us. We are here for you.

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