how do i cook for my friend?

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My favorite boss in the whole world who also happens to be my friend, has a severe peanut allergy. I was talking about my gourmet marshmallows I used to make and he was intrigued so I agreed to bring him some. Then he drops on me that he has a rule that he never eats out of other people's homes in case the food could be contaminated but that he would trust me. This scares me!

I want to make these safe for him. My house is not peanut free. :( I think it should be okay if I wash all dishes used in super hot soapy water with dawn x3 before use then buy all brand new ingredients to go into the marshmallows. The ingredients are corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, salt, water and in this case, pomegranate. Then they are coated in a powdered sugar and corn starch mixture.

If I do all of that is there still a chance I could hurt my friend? I do have a degree in biology so I'm familiar with how to avoid contamination...but I don't have severe allergies. I wanted to buy one of those food test kits but I don't have a spare six hundred dollars. Suggestions?

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Hello! First of all, it is fantastic that you are trying to educate yourself about food allergies. Life is so much easier when you have a friend who is accommodating to your specific allergy needs. If you want to learn more about safety measures to take when dealing with food allergies, read this article.
In regards to the ingredients you use to make the marshmallow bars, you should be fine. Corn syrup, salt, gelatin, sugar, powdered sugar and pomegranates are all safe. And as long as the cornstarch is not labeled as “processed in a factory that produces peanuts,” there should be no issues. Here is a helpful article on peanut-free foods.
Because your house is not peanut-free, you must be extra careful when cooking. You never know where you may have left peanut products. We highly recommend giving your kitchen a thorough cleaning before cooking the treats. Furthermore, wash your dishes extensively, and if there are porous utensils make sure you swap those out for new, allergen-free ones. Sometimes kitchen cookware, such as spatulas and bowls, can have very small holes to make them easier to grip. Unfortunately, allergens may accumulate in these small holes.
If you do all of these things, the chance of cross-contamination is practically non-existent. If you want to learn more about cross-contamination, check out this article.
We asked our Facebook fans to share their thoughts on your question. You can read their helpful feedback here.
Once again, it is comforting to know there are people like you who go to such lengths to protect their PA friends. Thank you!

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I am always touched and amazed when a friend or a relative goes out of their way to make my son safe! Bravo to you!
The previous poster is correct.. the ingredients sound fine the only risk is the cooking utensils.... If you have a dishwasher and the utensils can be put in there use it. Scrub the counter of your work space with soap and water and rinse thoroughly . My sister has a spatula and spoon ext that she bought at the dollar store that she marked peanut free and only uses those when she bakes or cooks for my son... ( she did the same with a cheap cookie sheet and uses those throwaway foil pans sometimes too) Thanks so much for being a great friend!

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