adult with out epi -pens.


Last weekend took the kids on a picnic ( at knebworth house, which is near you Nick!) A big group of us there and I noticed that one of the parents was eating nuts and playing with his sons. Being the neurotic bonkers mother that I am I was relived that William had decided to play with another group of children. So settled down to gossip with my SIL etc. Then later in the afternoon another family arrive and starts talking etc . Then out of the blue, Dad gets up and the rest of his family begin to pack up and throw kids in the car. Apprenttly this chap was starting to have a reaction , he is allergic to nuts, he was going that oh, so familier, shade of brillent red in the face and sweating and looking puffy around the eyes. He blammed it on something he had never eaten before, but I did remeber seeing him shake hands with the other nut eating parent.

This man had forgotten his epi-pens, and planned to go home( they did live some distance away) and fetch them before going to hospital. MY SIL who is allergic to wasps offered her two epis , but he refused , I even offered Williams , as they were better than nothing, and I had another two in the bottom of my handbag,... see, ! told you I was bonkers. He told us that he wasnt having any trouble breathing ,and got in the car and they left.

I wondered if anyone had done this ? and felt happy with it, am I over reacting if I said that I would not be happy for William to have this attitude? I do know that epi pens are easy to forget when the last reaction was some time away. I can see all to clearly how this situation would arise. Would you take the epi pens from someone else? or would you go home first? or go straight to the hospital? sarah

On Jul 10, 2003


Scene stealing diva that I can be sometimes (only sometimes, I promise you!), I would have made such a production! I'd have been grabbing for those epis and fighting off "volunteers" before you can say anaphalactic! What springs to mind is 1)Male. Doesn't want to show signs of weakness. 2)Stiff Upper Lip! (you gotta love the English for that [img][/img]). That was just crazy, IMO. I hope to goodness he wasn't in the driver's seat..... If I didn't have any epis available, I would have gone to the hospital.


On Jul 10, 2003


Originally posted by Gwen Thornberry: [b]Sarah

What springs to mind is 1)Male. Doesn't want to show signs of weakness................. That was just crazy, IMO. [/b]

[i]Men[/i], huh?

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On Jul 10, 2003

Sarah- You are wonderful.

We have a male friend about 38 years old with a history of life-threatening reactions to peanut. My DH and PA DD (5 years old) met him at a game recently. They were outdoors and apparently peanut shells were around. This friend did not have his EpiPen with him, and my DD thought it was hilarious that her daddy called his friend an idiot for not bringing his EpiPen!

I guess that someday our adult kids will take chances that we would never take for them as long as we are in control.

If we ever forgot our EpiPen and a reaction started, I would borrow any available EpiPen and/or call 911. Ambulances carry epinephrine in our state. I would never try to drive DD to the hospital myself.

I have heard at least two stories about adult males dying of anaphylaxis in parking lots while trying to retrieve their EpiPens from their cars.

On Jul 11, 2003

I would have gone straight to the hospital myself. Especially seeing as how you have to go to the hospital after taking the EpiPen, going home first seems like a tremendous waste of valuable time. Men! Though we don't know what kind of reactions he has, maybe he knew that this wasn't a bad one....?

On Jul 14, 2003

Wow Sarah - well done for taking enough notice & recognising what was happening.

I can undersand him not wanting a jab with an Epi if he didn't think it was too bad at that point, but to leave half a dozen of them and drive off to get his own? That was such a huge risk. I hope someone in his life tells him that.

Geoff (Helen's hubby)

On Jul 15, 2003

I would have asked someone to stick me with the epi, borrowed another one (just in case) and had someone drive me to the hospital or had them call 911. Then return new epi's to those who lent them.

But, I'm paranoid and currectly freaked out by my allergies and finding out my son has allergies. Afraid to eat anything. Need counseling I think; although, this site is helping somewhat and adding to my dread, too.

Who needs food to enjoy, right? Just need enough to be healthy and live!

------------------ Kaye

On Aug 18, 2003

Wow! Is he related to my SIL who is allergic and has had one anaphlyaic reaction and still refuses to carry an EpiPen? This is the SIL and BIL who said that I was a child abuser since we are so careful with dd. At sometime I think she will have another reaction, maybe if she dies, her husband will see the light? It is so sad.....

On Aug 27, 2003

I was at a bithday party for my dh's Aunt when his cousin who is Allergic to shell fish had a reaction and he would not take my epi-pin we did convince him to go to the hospital but I would have felt better if he had atleast taken the pin with him for the trip incase he got worse. He spent the better part of the night at the hospital and was lectured by several doctors and nurses about the need for epi-pins and how they could save his life.

On Sep 18, 2003

Probably partly just fear. I mean, I carry them but tend to just clutch them and ride out the reaction anyway out of fear of what would happen if I used it. And I'm female... Not that this is something I advocate. I end up with after-effects for days.

On Oct 1, 2003

My husband always refuses to carry an epi- even if he knows he's going somewhere with a risk. He'd be really mad if he knew I always have one stashed in my handbag ready to jab him at a moment's notice...

On Oct 3, 2003

Well, I'm guilty as charged, and I'm female.

About 2 years ago, I went alone to a restaurant. Ordered a Caesar salad, but asked the waiter to verify the presence of anchovies (my own nightmare, my son is PA). At first he said no, but later came back saying they used Worcestershire sauce, and that has anchovies in it. So I asked for a salad, with no dressing at all.

I ate my food, salad last and started to have a reaction. Itchiness, feeling hot, probably red in the face, but no one to tell me. I paid my bill, drove myself home (yeah, I had an epi in my bag) lied down on the sofar, and told my hubby to watch me carefully. Never did use the epi, and the whole thing must have lasted an hour.

I don't remember problems with breathing, but I had big stomach cramps.

My only excuse is that I've never used an epi on myself (had one injected by a doctor when I had no idea what it was) and I didn't want to do it alone. Then I felt *shy* of all things to do it in front of my husband. DUH!

On Oct 4, 2003

Well, I don't have anaphylactic reactions to food, but I do have severe asthma....and can remember being in University, going to parties with my friends where someone would turn out to have a cat. I would wait out the party in the garage, sucking down ventolin every half hour (knowing full well I was exceeding the recommended dose) and when we all went home (we shared a house) after everyone crashed I would head to the ER down the street (walking there, of course - very slowly, stopping every 10 or 20 steps - since I didn't have a car). By the time I would get there I couldn't speak and would head straight in for oxygen, IV (in those days they always started an IV on asthma patients) prednisone, ventolin masks, etc.

I was usually lucky and after the standard 6 to 8 hours in the ER I would be able to head home again - and my roommates rarely knew it had even happened.

I am happy to say I am more diligent about going to the ER sooner now - although with all the new meds like Flovent and Advair my asthma is also much better controlled.

I remember reading an article about asthma (which still causes hundreds of deaths per year) and how most of them are because people wait too long and then insist on driving themselves to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance which could save their lives.

good luck and take care


On Oct 10, 2003

I get very nervous reading this thread since I have a "soon to be adult". Please see this thread and help if you can! [url=""][/url]