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In addition to being allergic to peanuts and tree nuts I am lactose intolerant as well as wheat/gluten intolerant. I've found myself eating and drinking less and less soy and think I should start taking some Calcium pills. Anyone know any good brands that are allergen-safe? "Nature Made" said in an email that they would list it on the bottle if they weren't but when I called the woman didn't exactly sound too confident. She said the ones that are processed on shared equipment with nuts or that have nuts are the chewables and Calicums are not chewables.. etc.


By BestAllergySites on Jan 25, 2010

I recently did a post on allergy friendly vitamins at Best Allergy Sites. There are several out there that do not contain any allergens.

By ang153555 on Jan 25, 2010

Thank you!!