Adult-Specific Resources?


Does anyone know of good PA resources that are aimed at allergic adults, not children and parents? Because food allergies in general and anaphylactic peanut allergies in particular are portrayed as a mostly kid-specific issue (probably because they've gotten sooo much more common in kids in the last decade), I've found that adults are much less likely to take my allergy seriously or understand what I need from them in the way of accomodations (even when I spell it out v-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y). I've searched high and low, and I can't find [i]anything[/i] on self-advocacy and awareness for severely PA adults. There are a million sites about explaining allergies to teachers, to babysitters, to a child's friends' parents; not so much about explaining them to your co-workers and intimate partners; I can find recipes for peanut-free cookies, but not much in the way of looking out for peanuts in pubs.

Am I missing something? Or is it really just that much of a vacuum?

On Jan 21, 2008


Here is a great resource. It is the Job Accommodation Network and there is specific information for adults with food allergies.

Also, I have found as an adult with PA...all the advocacy that parents of PA children have been involved in has helped educate adults in my life.

The public, in general, is much more aware of food allergies that was the case even 10 years ago.