Adult Perspective on Stressed Out 12 Y.O.

Posted on: Wed, 11/16/2005 - 7:08am
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Hi All,

I posted this in the "living with" forum, but thought some of you big people might be able to offer me some advice from your perspective.

My almost 12 year old son has been PA for as long as he can remember. From the time he "got it" at the age of 4, he's been quite compliant and generally OK with it. A grumble of "I wish I could have that" here and there, but overall just fine.

Lately he's been resenting his allergy more and more. Situations which take us out of our usual routine especially upset him, especially eating out. He gets very upset when he can't order anything he wants (even when I know it's something he'd hate!), and is no longer satisfied with substitutes from home.

For example - we were away this weekend, and met some relatives at a restaurant near them. I called ahead, was assured that there was plenty he could eat, blah, blah, blah. When we got there, there was in fact literally one thing on the menu that was definitely OK. Fortunately it was what he wanted anyway, but just the thought that he couldn't choose p*ssed him off.

Then as we were leaving, we went to pick up sandwiches for the train ride home. I knew there were two safe take outs he could choose from, but he didn't want either of them. He ended up in tears, saying all he could ever eat was pizza and sandwiches (and not even many of those because of the sesame allergy!).

On top of everything else, his allergies in general seem to be getting worse. I thing that's stressing both of us out.

I totally appreciate how he feels, and don't want to ignore his feelings, but am starting to get panicky that he'll start acting out and taking chances, KWIM?

Any suggestions out there, especially from some of our adult PA members? I'm considering placing a call to Lisa Cipriano Collins (is that her name?) to get some pointers from her.

Thanks everyone!


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