Adult onset PA/NA?

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The symptoms section isnt detailed enough so I was looking for opinions.

Just before an annual physical I developed a mildly itchy rash in the soft skin areas (inside of arms, inside of thighs, navel area).

A cortisone oinment helped calm the rash areas, and then I left town on a business trip and the rashes faded. Two nights ago the rash/itchiness returned, and also two large hives on my back behind the armpit. So far the ointment hasnt done much, but only 2 applications.

Thinking about changes in anything that could cause an allergic reaction, the only thing Ive come up with is adult onset peanut or nut allergies overall. I went on a low carb diet recently and have started to use nut flours pretty often, including as a breading and also to make bread. I also have snacked on fresh ground almond and peanut butters a bit. Ive been on low carb diets before, but probably without quite as much nut use and no reactions at all.

Do the symptoms (relatively mild) fit? Is onset in the early 60s so unlikely to almost rule it out?


By LSett on Jan 5, 2012

I had the same sort of reaction at the beginning of my allergy. I would get a few hives here and there. Some were tiny and some were very large. Over a few week period the hives kept returning. I narrowed things down and the only constant similarity that I noticed were peanuts or peanut products. I had a skin test for only peanuts and sure enough, the site became itchy and red and my eye BLEW UP with hives on my eyelids. Adult onset peanut allergy!

_______________________________________________ 25 y/o female, adult onset peanut allergy diagnosed 2011.