Adult Onset -- Overwhelmed.


Sunday night, I ate butter pecan ice cream. Shortly after my face broke out in hives and my tongue swelled up. Now I own my own epi-pen. Wow, it's like a whole new world, kinda.

The next morning, before I was positive it was the pecans, I accidentally ate cereal with almonds in it. No swelling but I had hives & was severely sick for the entire day -- like severe stomach flu like symptoms. Trust me, I am MUCH more aware after that experience of what goes in my mouth. No more auto-pilot here.

The allergist prescribed an epi-pen and told me to stay away from all nuts/tree nuts until we finish testing. In the mean time, I feel a bit overwhelmed. I'm not sure how to gauge the seriousness of the allergy b/c he said that the pecan reaction was a swollen tongue & the next time I come into contact with it that it could be much much worse.

What should I do to prepare myself?

By MissMorganD on Mar 20, 2012

Well, get familiar with the scientific name of nuts, as companies use them more often than not. Many desserts, baked goods, some cheeses, chilis, and more contain nuts. You should always first and foremost read every label for everything you eat. Do not eat food that is "processed on equipment shared with...". It's best to make your own foods. Then you won't have an issue. The more you are in contact with the allergen, the more severe it gets. I know that I have a anaphylactic reaction to nuts, which means my throat closes and my tongue swells, which can be potentially fatal. It's difficult sometimes living with this issue, but by simply reading your labels every time and not eating unknown foods, you have all the power :)