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I recently suffered a pretty serious allergic reaction including seizure like quivering, feeling flush, momentary tightness in chest, tingling lips and a feeling that my insides were spinning. I tried to dimiss it as fatigue and my imagination until the hives appeared. I had been to my doctor a couple weeks earlier about itchy rashes and 'skin crawling' feelings. We considered a medication and changed it. 10 days later - WHAM - the above hit about 2 hours after eating PB&J. I am 42 years old and have eaten peanut butter and peanut products all my life. About 10 years ago, during allergy testing, the doctor told me that I showed a very slight reaction to peanuts but nothing to worry about. My main allergies were pollens and molds with Mountain Cedar scoring a whooping 4000. Sorry to be so wordy but I was wondering if anyone else has had or heard of adult onset to peanut allergy. I do not know for sure that is what caused it and am scheduled for testing this month after all the medications I had for this reaction wears off.

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On Dec 3, 2005

Heard of it? Definitely. It happened to me when I was in my late 20's. It also happened to my sister and one of my brothers.

We have a few members here that have adult on-set food allergies.

Your reaction actually sounds rather serious. Did your doctor mention an epi-pen to you? It is an auto-injectible dose of epinephrine, and you should be carrying one around. Reactions in and around the mouth can quickly become very serious as it can involve your throat. Tightness in the chest is also quite dangerous.

I also ate peanuts and pb my whole life. There are a few substitutes. My favourite is [url=""][/url] . I've even baked cookies with it.

Welcome to the board. Look around - and remember that no question is to silly or trivial to ask here. We were all new at this at one time or another.

On Dec 3, 2005

Hello Ican'tbelieveit....

I couldn't believe it either. I'm 56 and was diagnosed with adult onset PA (peanut allergy) last February. I also ate peanut products until I had an anaphylactic reaction. My allergist told me to use as a guideline, to carry epi and to wear a medic alert bracelet.

It's a life-changing diagnosis...but there is a positive side to it. A PA diet is much healthier - though you do have to be careful. I went through all sorts of phases initially - 'maybe the doctor made a mistake' (denial), anger at the impact it was having on my lifestyle and frustration.

Do you have asthma? Do your parents or siblings have asthma, eczema or food allergies? It's all related. has been a fabulous source of info and support. Annamarie, Erik, ajgauthier, etc. (not to exclude anyone!) have been living with PA for years. I've asked them so many questions! If you find out you are PA, we're all here to help out.

Cheers, Adele

On Dec 3, 2005

I ate peanut products on a daily basis prior to reacting in my 20s. I stepped up consumption after I was diagnosed with a soy allergy, not knowing I also tested positive for peanut. WHAM!

Check out the adult forum here--quite a few of us are adult-onset.


On Dec 3, 2005

Thanks for your responses. My Family Practice doctor is making an appointment with an Allergy Immunologist for me. She has asked me to before because of my trouble with pollens but I am so stubborn, I've not done it. This time she doesn't trust me and is doing it herself. I was tested before but like I said, it was not food allergies that I had. No, I do not have asthma, nor do any of my family. However, one of my sisters told me this afternoon that she had a reaction to PB though not as serious as mine. My family does have pretty widespread cancers and I know that will decrease your immune system and make you more suseptible (sp?) to other problems. My doctor of course has already scheduled me for cancer screening since one of my brothers has colon cancer. I guess I'll just prepare myself for a bunch or testing and see what happens.

By expmed on Jan 8, 2012

I am have a long medical medical history and a lot of allergies. Christmas day i found out i am allergic to peanut butter at 47. had a stupid er dr who thinks i make all of these things up and is blinded by hating me to the point he tried to force psych consult. was making it up and coughing and the swelling i felt wasn't a reaction, and adult onset of peanut allergies is very rare. coughing isn't asthma or a sign of a reaction and his stupidity went on. no appropriate treatment was given actually no other meds were given except my use of epi pen and benadryl. I still have residual symptoms. and according to this so called dr it isn't a true allergy unless confirmed by an allergist. but all reactions peanuts or peanut butter, peanut dust etc was common denominator.had not eaten peanut butter for at least 2 months. only thing different that day.walked in and out of restaurant that has peanuts and peanut dust everywhere in and out 2 minutes barely got to car to use epi, 3rd time wasn't thinking and shaking out clothes to wash and did that with clothes wore into restaurant and peanut dust triggered another severe attack where had to call 911.that dr didn't treat it any further. was lying and making it why my reg dr ordered epi pen script

By TweetsByPamela on Jan 15, 2012

In July of 2011, I had an anaphylatic reaction to sunflower seeds. I have eaten them all my life, but not in the last few years. I know Sunflowers seeds are NOT related to peanuts at all. I now carry an epipen. I went through allergy testing in 2008. I don't know if peanuts came up. I don't eat peanuts often and only in peanutbutter and peanut M&M's. After eating peanut M&M's last night, my nose started running and I had a sneezing fit. When I went to bed my skin started itching terribly, I had to get up to take a generic benadryl. I am worried that maybe it is the onset of a peanut allergy. Can my allergy doctor test for just that one allergy? I am afraid I could have another event like in July. Thanks!

BTW-growing up I had exzema so bad I wasn't allowed to go to school for a month. My family didn't know it was triggered by food, nor did my doctors at the time. I am allegic to citrus, tomatoes, strawberries, soy, and dairy. My allergy doctor said I did not test positive to these foods. However, if I eat them I will get a terrible rash, and exzema.