Adult Only Support Group Eastern MA


I am interested (with another PA person) in forming a Support Group for Adults with PN/TN (and/or other) food allergies. This would ideally be for ADULTS with allergies and would focus on adult issues which are somewhat different than those of children with PN/TN allergies. There are already a few groups that address the needs of parenting children with FA, but none that I know of for adults.

Please contact me at [email][/email] for more information because it is sometimes difficult to find replies here.

Hope to hear from anyone.



On Dec 28, 2006

I hope you'll be in contact with AAFA-New England Chapter [url=""][/url] - they look really well organized in the support group arena and I'm sure they'd be interested in what you are starting up and be able to guide you.

------------------ Jana


On Dec 28, 2006

You know I just had a's not quite "in-person" and it's not exactly "asynchronous discussion boards" (meaning, everyone is in/out all day long just posting messages)

I've been experimenting with Second Life (virtual communities) for educational settings and social learning. Basically, it's IM (instant messenger) on steroids. There is a complete virtual world full of meeting places, scenery, museums, classrooms (Harvard Law has a school in there), cafes, music shows, etc. All through your internet line into this virtual world.

What if we started a Second Life 'pa/food allergy' support group? I'd be willing to look into it after the middle of January. I'm taking a grad class (actually situated in Second Life) and I'm sure I'll need a project...this may be it! We could reach adult PA/MFA folks from all over the globe!

OK --- wow, what an idea! I'll explore around and post more in a few weeks.


------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Jan 2, 2007

Thanks! Good ideas. Whatever works at this point. It would still be great to actually get together with other PA/TA people and maybe the idea from ajgauthier would open up a way to connect outside the box (a computer), by posting a list of people's emails from different cities who may be interested in meeting out in the real world. Sort of like without all the romance although, for some of us, you never know!

Still looking for Eastern NE adults who want to get together.