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Accuracy of RAST tests lots of questions

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I have a 15 year old son who has been allergic to peanuts since he was a baby... And also allergic to wheat, soy, sesame, corn...and a few other random things. I just got my RAST test results back from the Dr and what they tell me is to avoid all things that he tested positive for....that's great, but it's everything he eats!!! The highest numbers were peanut at 35.90, which is a level V according to this test, and garlic was 4.21 and a level IV, pumpkin was 3.47 and a level 3, broccoli was 2.53 and a level 3, almond was 2.63, and a level 3, rice was 4.40, and a level IV......there are more , but these are common foods in his diet..... What is going to happen if I don't take them out??? Will he eventually develop ANA to them???? He has tested positive for these at low levels for years, and they have always told me they are still ok in his diet, but this new allergist said no, to remove them all ..... I could cry right now....I am completely overwhelmed with this new information and. Don't know which steps to take next.... Removing the broccoli and garlic will be easy, but the almond and rice are in 90% of the foods he consumes on a daily am I going to do this??? The wheat has been out of the diet for years, as he is also autistic....same with the corn, soy, and peanut. His total immunoglobulin E was 308.... With a reference level of 0-200 Iu/ml..... Which was high......what does this all mean for him??? Please, someone .....I want to know how this is going to affect things in the future.