About the vaccine/shot...


My husband and I are wondering if the shot (meant to keep the immune system from over-reacting to the peanut protein) will also make the person extra susceptible to germs, viruses, and the like?

If so, I don't think I like that idea.

?? Tammy

On Mar 22, 2002

My understanding is that it is meant to ONLY interact with pn specific IgE... anyone know if this is true?

On Mar 23, 2002

My understanding of the Anti-Ige shot is that it would bind to and collect Ige, lessening the amount of Ige in the allergic person's body, lessening the reaction. I do not believe that this is peanut-specific. Supposedly, this would not interfere with the body's ability to fight off viruses, but it is believed that the person would be less able to defend against a poison. Let me say that I am not a physician, only a parent who is hoping and praying for something to give us a safer feeling.

On Mar 25, 2002

The anti-IgE shot lowers the level of IgEs. It is not peanut specific. I asked Dr. Wood about what IgEs are really for. I had the same concern--they must be needed for something right? He said they are only really needed to fight parasites and unless you are going to a third world country, you should be fine. I'm not sure what you do if you're going somewhere where you could contract a parasite.

On Mar 29, 2002

I wonder- does that include things like cryptosporidium and giardia? That could be really bad news for anyone who gets municipal water from a resevoir-style holding facility (as many are in West). They warn every so often that Immuno-compromised persons are vulnerable to these things. Just wondering if that would include someone who had been treated with the Anti-IgE serum, too... and what about people who don't have otherwise elevated IgE levels? (Our daughter did not initially- even after suffering pn anaphylaxis.) Just questions... not sure anyone knows for certain since its all still under investigation.

On Apr 8, 2002

I know you are all talking about the vaccine shot (by the company Tanox) but if you want some specifics of what Dynavax (company working on a cure)is working on here's the link:


If you scroll down to where it says in BOLD "The first approach... and then read the second bullet-item, it explains: ISS influence helper T cell responses in a very targeted way by reprogramming only those T cells involved in the disease chain and not affecting the rest of the immune system. In particular, they do not alter the ability of the immune system to mount an appropriate response to infecting pathogens;

Way too much science for me though! I would need it explained to me by a doctor like Dr. Suess!

On Apr 9, 2002

Thanks for your input everybody!!

On Feb 11, 2003