? about severity of allergy


My 3 yos was diagnosed w/pa last week. he has always eaten pb and hasn't had a severe reaction. He is also allergic to milk. His primary problem is that his stools have been loose & foul for a long while and his stomach cramps. The allergist suggested that we beware of peanut (not other nuts - soy is OK) because he could become more suseptible to anaphalactic shock over time. I am wondering if others have experienced an increasing sensitivity to peanuts, ie: became allergic after eating it for months/years. How particular should I be in watching for peanut? ie: cross contamination, avoid all baked prods, bubble baths, etc... The md didn't give much advice. Thanks - this is a wonderful site but I am overwhelmed! Carla

On Apr 30, 2003

Hi Carla and welcome,

If I were you, I'd err on the side of caution for now. Because your child has not had any signs of anaphylaxis yet, he likely stands a good chance of outgrowing this allergy. Statistically you increase his chances by keeping him away from peanut products now. You can retest in another year or two to see if anything has changed.

Here's a link to an article, "Peanut Allergy, What You Need to Know."


Good luck.

On Apr 30, 2003

Thanks for the link to the informative article. I will err on the side of caution and continue to learn from this site. Thanks again! Carla