AAAAI Annual Conference March \'99 News Releases - Peanut Allergy Information

AAAAI Annual Conference March \'99 News Releases

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The following site as noted information on peanut allergies which are being discussed at the Annual AAAAI Conference: [url="http://www.aaaai.org/media/pressreleases/1999/03/990301.html"]http://www.aaaai.org/media/pressreleases/1999/03/990301.html[/url]

I am so positive about the future for allergic children!

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On Mar 1, 1999

Mary did I miss something in this press release? Are you happy because they are at least doing research? I didn't feel that great after reading the press release. So we have confirmed reactions on commercial airlines and our quality of life stinks. I can definitely vouch for that one. At least we don't have to blame ourselves for eating a peanutbutter sandwich while pregnant. I hope you saw something I didn't because as you can tell I am having a very bad day. Sorry Patti

On Mar 1, 1999

Patti, research is being done! To have the peanut allergy addressed specifically, continues to show that solid efforts are in place. I want research efforts for a cure and research supporting our difficulties/living challenges - These efforts may help change the way the media, schools and the general public view the allergy and our needs for accommodations.. I would have been much more disappointed to see no reports or research on the peanut allergy at the AAAAI's annual conference. As for reactions on the commercial airlines, finally documented numbers and cases of reactions. The airlines will listen to research studies more than our concern for a "possible" reaction. I try to look for the positive and the direction research is going for a cure for the allergic population. It sounds terrible, but I can no longer can put my efforts into how my child got the allergy (after he was first diagnosed, that tore me apart). The direction for the future and how he can be helped in the future is my focus. Any research supporting our needs for accommodations, I find to be on the direction to help those afflicted with the allergy.

On Mar 1, 1999

Mary thank you so much for putting it in perspective. I really needed that. I am feeling so overwhelmed again lately and I read a lot of older research last night and well to put it bluntly come over and slap me in the face and tell me to stop it. I think if I let this start to get to me well like you said it isn't going to do anything good. I am feeling a lot better since your commentary. You are right it is better that we have documented cases on airline flights. I also didn't realize that this was an article about an ANNUAL meeting (now that I look at again I see that). The fact that three of the articles are about peanut allergies is quite impressive!!! Mary thanks again so much. I am feeling a lot more optimistic again. Next time I need a big wake up call I hope you are there. Thanks Patti