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A single hive ?

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My son the past week has got 1 single hive on his chin, 1 time at my grandma's house and we are not sure what from and 1 time last night at my dads, we had ordered in food for us but DS did not eat anything. Both time he had no other symptoms so Ijust put bendryl cream on the hive and it went away within 5-10minutes. Should I be doing more, giving benadryl orally? I hate to do it if not needed because it makes his so tired. Should I be concerned with 1 hive when I do not know the reason?

On May 25, 2006

Alarming, isn't it?

Believe it or not, you [i]do[/i] eventually get used to this. We have "hive girl" living with us... and very often there IS a reason, if you are able to hang around and look for it.

DD does this on contact with many TN, and also with aerosol exposure to moderate amounts of pn or egg. Sometimes it is just one or two on her face or neck, and sometimes it will be more than that and itchy red eyes. Depends on what else she's dealing with allergy-wise.

I think you did the right thing... but would also advise you to consider removing your child (even temporarily) from any place where this happens. This begins the process of teaching [i]them[/i] to do it whenever they know it isn't safe. It is a lifesaving skill for them.


On May 25, 2006

This used to happen to my dd as well. Everyday in school she would get one hive on her face (usually her chin or above her lip). We no longer have this problem as we homeschool now!!

On May 25, 2006

This happens to my dd as well (PA). She's contact sensitive so I usually chalk it up to some unkown leftover residue lurking somewhere. Funny, though, it always seems to pop up almost in the same spot every time. On her forehead above her right eye. A suspicion I have is that is the spot where adults (myself) included will kiss her or push her hair out of her eyes. Sooooooo frustrating. Usually, it ends up being that single hive BUT you never know so you have to keep an eye on it. And get nervous, paranoid, jittery, scared etc.. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]