A Really Good, Chewy Gooey Homemade Granola Bar - Peanut Allergy Information

A Really Good, Chewy Gooey Homemade Granola Bar

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We had some grocery favorites, but Cascadian Farms has added several "peanut" and "protein" editions to their line ... Kind Bars that promised me that they washed the line thoroughly between runs, hence did not have to list peanuts in the ingredient or "may contain" list. They just had a recall: peanut cross contact. Similar issues with new Chex mixes coming out. Time to go back to homemade!

There are some branded "peanut free" out there, but Vermont and Meta use a sunflower butter base which is safe, but does not pass the taste test (too much like PB and DD has a strong flight response to pb scent/texture). Libre doesn't quite capture that sticky oats texture that Kind Bars mastered.

These granola bars actually look like their picture and taste great. Not only passing the taste/texture but the dog's. Barkley the Carnivore likes granola! [He only got the sticky oats bits - no chocolate for dogs, but at 65lbs cross-contact ok.]


It uses a Butter/Brown Sugar/Honey base with toasted oats. Add your own nuts and fruit- and follow their hints!

Next iterations: substitute Nutella & Hazel nuts for butter & almonds or pistachios & cherries for almonds and cranberries.

I get my tree nuts from companies that can promise dedicated - no peanut - lines. Almonds: Blue Diamond (also Nut-Thins here) Almonds & Pistachios: Wonderful Any Tree Nut or Baking Product: Blue Mountain Organics Candy: Vermont Nut Free (m&m clones, gummy bears & jelly beans)