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A Preschooler\'s Guide to PA

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Has anyone read this book?

*A Preschoolers Guide to Peanut Allergy*

This book was created as a personal effort to educate our peanut allergic two year old daughter.

The soft cover storybook, follows four year old Meagan Myers through the discovery of what it means to have a peanut allergy and how to manage it. This book fills the missing gap in resources for parents and educators in regards to managing peanut allergies.

Cost: $6.00 (Canadian Dollars), $5.00 (US Dollars) Plus Postage

Canadian postage add $1.00 (Canadian Dollars) American postage add $1.50 (US Dollars)

For orders greater than one book send us e-mail (ticketar@mcd.on.ca) and we will get back to you with the amount of the postage.

To place an order, please send payment (check/cheque, money order) to:

The Ticketar Company 3305 Heather St., Suite 5. Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 3K6

On May 9, 2000

I bought your book from this site because peanutallergy.com received benefit from it. Will they still if they mail to the address you posted?

On May 10, 2000

Lisa M: I'm sorry for the confusion here. It is not my book. I'm just asking if anyone has read it before I purchase it and I copied the order address along with the rest of the information. Sorry for that. I always click on the discussion boards from the home page and did not even notice the book order icon. DUH!

On May 10, 2000

Hi Diane, Sorry I misunderstood! To tell you the truth, the book isn't bad as far as the writing goes, but the illustrations aren't great. There is a page where the parents are sitting and talking to the girl in the story about her allergies and it looks like they are so mad at her. I know this wasn't intended, I just think the drawings aren't good. My son doesn't like looking through it. However, the No Nuts For Me book is great. I wouldn't want you not to buy the other just from what I say, it is still at least another book about peanut allergy for kids.

On May 10, 2000

I totally agree with Lisa M. We just got No Nuts For Me in the mail yesterday. Today I sat down with PA (almost 5 year old) son and we read it. He loved it! He immediately wanted me to read it again. He was thrilled that Noah and Sandy had bracelets just like him. It is cute and even funny. I reminded him that we also have the book A Preschoolers Guide To Food Allergy. I pulled it off the shelf and we read it again (it's been awhile). I have always thought that the illustrations were not appealing at all. I think my 7 year old could have done a better job. When we came to the page where the parents are at the table talking to Meagan my son said, "Why are her parents mad at her?" (just like what Lisa M said). They aren't mad, it's just the poor illustrations. Other than that, the story is good, as it does talk about the allergy bracelet and epi-pen. I am glad we have both books but I know my son prefers No Nuts For Me. I am now considering the book Allie The Allergic Elephant but I am hesitating because it costs $15.00 plus shipping. Do any who have it feel that it is worth the cost? Thanks! Tracy

On May 11, 2000

Thanks for responding about the books. I'll go ahead and get *both* books. I agree Lisa, that at least it is still a story about peanut allergy. Tracy, I don't have the Allie the Allergic ELephant book so I don't know. Maybe someone else could comment on it...?

On May 11, 2000

We have *No Nuts For Me* and *Allie the Allergic Elephant*. Although my 2.5 year old pa daughter enjoys both books, I think *Allie the Allergic Elephant* is better for her age group. I think *No Nuts for Me* is better for ages 5-8. Also, I like *Allie* better because it illustrates well what can happen when Allie is exposed to peanuts.

On May 29, 2000


Just thought I'd let anyone who is interested know that "No Nuts For Me" has now been animated and can be found at (edited by the office; old url removed as that web site address is no longer used or owned by the book company that published the no nuts for me book. The book company's web site on 01/08/2007 [url="http://www.tumblebooks.com"]http://www.tumblebooks.com[/url] )

Hope you like seeing Noah come to life.

Ron Zevy Tumbleweed Press

On May 30, 2000

Hi! My 3-1/2 yr. old really enjoyed this animated story. Noah asked questions and she answered back! If you could have seen her face when she saw that he had a medic-alert bracelet and epi-pen like hers, you would've seen how thrilled she was that someone else has peanut allergy too. Totally mesmerized! She was able to relate to so much of Noah's life. This animated story is really cool! Thanks! She doesn't know it yet but we ordered the book. She is going to be really surprised when it comes after seeing the story on the computer!

On May 30, 2000

Hi Diane:

Thanks for the great feedback! I'll let our designers know that their work was appreciated.

Ron Tumbleweed Press

On May 30, 2000

My mutliple allergy child did not get as much out of it! She looked at me at the end of the story and said, "That's all he's allergic to!", "only nuts!"

On Jun 1, 2000

Here is a link to PeanutAllergy.Com's Book Page. [url="http://www.peanutallergy.com/bookspage.htm"]http://www.peanutallergy.com/bookspage.htm[/url]

Someone asked if PeanutAllergy.Com receives anything if it is bought from the publishers instead of through PeanutAllergy.Com. It is not currently set up this way so no, we would not receive anything unless it is bought through PeanutAllergy.Com. We are discussing with some of the publishers how we could make it work such as if there were a place on their order form to say where they came from. We do this now with Vermont NutFree Chocolates. They keep track of sales that come from us and have a place on their web sites order form to let them know you are from PeanutAllergy.Com.

Your purchase of books currently only helps support PeanutAllergy.Com if you purchase the books through us. There is information about how to order and where to send a check etc. on the books pages. The publishers have worked it out with us so we can keep some in stock to get out to those who need them faster etc. This is currently for the books "No Nuts for Me" and "A Preschooler's Guide to Peanut Allergy".

We have been in contact with the author of "Allie.. and a few others and are working it out with them in regards to their books. We will keep you informed on the books' pages about their availability through PeanutAllergy.Com.

We currently have a link from PeanutAllergy.Com to "Caring For Your Child with Severe Food Allergies" by Lisa Cipriano Collins. I have discussed the idea with her of having these in stock here also, but I have not had the time to work out the details on this as we have been so busy working on important issues, such as the FDA labeling petition.

I hope you will make your purchases of these books through us so your purchase will help support the work we do. If you are going to buy Lisa's book through the PeanutAllergy.Com link to amazon.com please note that we get 15% if you purchase it immediately from the link when you get to amazon.com. If you go to amazon.com from the link on PeanutAllergy and then do any looking around on amazon.com such as searching for other books, and then you go and purchase the book, we only get 5%. This is how amazon.com works, so if you like the book purchase it when you first go to amazon from the link, this will ensure the maximum % is awarded. This book "Caring for your Child with Severe Food Allergies" is a must read for anyone dealing with this allergy, I am not saying this to sell books but to help everyone stay safe. (As you can imagine, 15% of a book that sells for around 10 dollars is not much, but anything that we can receive to help us do the work we need to do helps, and since many of us are buying this book it does add up to be worth the effort, although as most of you know, we offer the books through the site as a service to help those of us who want them receive them easier.) We are not making much, especially on sales to Canada as there is a charge to cash international checks, and there is an exchange rate etc. Many are including a donation when they order books to help us continue this service. This is needed and appreciated and is a great time to make a donation as you are already writing a check and sending it in the mail!

------------------ Stay Safe,


On Jun 2, 2000

As I previously mentioned on this topic, we have No Nut's For Me (really love it) and a Preschooler's Guide...(o.k.). Today we received Allie The Allergic Elephant. I was immediately surprised before even opening the package that it was a soft cover book. Am I the only one who might have thought otherwise? I guess I assumed that with the cost of $15.00 that it would be a hard cover book. I guess I should not have assumed that. The pictures are cute and the story is nice, except that I do find fault with two pages. I immediately did not like the sentence that said, "Allie loves to eat peanuts like other elephants." I thought, 'why would she love to eat peanuts, what is she doing eating peanuts (I know, 'Tracy, it's just a story')?' Also the picture of the safe foods on the table has a bag of jelly beans (I'll have to explain that one to my son). Truthfully other than that, I do like the book. I was just surprised that it wasn't much different (being a paperback, that is) than the No Nuts For Me and yet it was $15.00. I have to say that I think the price is too high. I am sorry if I am upsetting anyone by saying this (especially Nicole Smith). It's late and I'm tired and maybe I shouldn't be saying anything at all. All I know is if my husband sees the price on the back of the book he is going to flip!! Tracy

On Jun 22, 2000

I just received A Preschoolers Guide to Peanut Allergy and was very disappointed. It does show the child wearing a MedicAlert bracelet and carrying an epipen and her parents telling her about her allergy and how she might feel if she is having a reaction, but I didn't feel it was worth it. I have only seen the animated version at nonutsforme.com of No Nuts For Me, the story about Noah, and it is far better. It travels through a "typical" day with Noah, going to a birthday party, school, etc. I understand that this is designed for preschoolers, but given the choice now, for the $2 Canadian difference in price, I would go for the other book. I was also really surprised to find it was an extremely soft cover (especially for dealing with preschoolers) and as someone mentioned above, very badly illustrated. I'm very disappointed. I had found out about this book before I even found out about [url="http://www.peanutallergy.com"]www.peanutallergy.com[/url] so I was very excited to get anything I could read to my son re his allergy and I guess it's live and learn and research a little more before you fork out your cash. I know it wasn't terribly expensive $6 Canadian + $1 shipping, so $7, but we are avid book collectors for both ourselves and our children and basically know what quality of book we should be getting for our money. This is not one of them. To top it off, I just read it to my son and he was not impressed at all and wouldn't enter into any discussion with me about the book, whereas when we visited nonutsforme.com and he saw the animated version of the story, he was thrilled and kept watching it over and over. I'm wondering if he would respond the same way to the book. At any rate, there is my book review.....