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A note to introduce myself

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Hello I'm Roxie. My son is 5 but we found out he was allergic to pea its when he was about 15 months old. We were at a wedding and they had fried chicken in peanut oil and long story short we ended up in the ER. They said his allergy number was greater than 100. Which was foreign news to me bit I understand greatly now what that means. He is allergic to all tree nuts. He does well though with things with coconut oil in them. He is also allergic to peas. I found that out the hard way after another ER visit when he was three. No other incidences for a whole until this past summer. He was at the YMCA summer camp and on Monday's they have pea ur butter sandwiches except for Nathan. He wasn't there for lunch tha lt Monday and came late. They were on the playground a one child didn't wash their hands after lunch and just touched Nathan and then we had to go to the ER. I was terrified. But we didn't have to use the epipen. Ecause he was breathing fine. I was never told that even if he is breathing he still needed to use it. But we are still watching everything carefully