Everyone MUST see:

[url="http://www.cbc.ca/outfront/webfeatures/sabrina/sab"]http://www.cbc.ca/outfront/webfeatures/sabrina/sab[/url] shell.html

sorry, I don't know how to do the 'link' thingy. It is a segment of an audio interview and slide show by/about Sabrina (who later died from an exposure at school) It was VERY moving to listen too and watch. I found it at: calgaryallergy.ca/article under CBC Radio Outlook Program Sabrina Shannon 'additional links' I hope that ya'll can view it!

On Apr 5, 2005

try this one:


On Apr 11, 2005

I watched the video-what a beautiful young girl. Does anyone know what she was allergic to? It says she died from french fries at school, was it the oil??

On Apr 11, 2005

She was allergic to peanuts and dairy, I believe, but it was cross contamination from dairy that she reacted to.

On Apr 11, 2005

Hi Melrose Mum, I bumped up the original thread for you.

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On Apr 13, 2005

Thanks katiee! This really is something worth seeing! I don't know why more folks haven't watched it.... I'm going to suggest to our school nurse that it be viewed by the middle school kids at my DD's k-8 school during Food Allergy Awareness Week, the younger grades will be watching the Arthur episode.

On Apr 13, 2005