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Posted on: Mon, 10/04/1999 - 3:18am
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Part of an e mail we received>>

Hi! I'm a Brownie troop leader, and this year we have a girl in the
troop who is allergic to peanuts. Because the leaders provide the
snacks for the meetings, we can easily avoid her exposure to foods
containing peanuts. However, it is difficult to find a list of foods
that do or might contain peanuts or some form of them. Do you maintain
a detailed list of foods to avoid? Also, there might be situations in
which we will eat out as a group. Are there restaurants/fast food
places that use peanuts in their products that we should avoid? For
example, should this girl even go in to a frozen yogurt shop? I would
appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks,

Stay Safe


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Posted on: Mon, 10/04/1999 - 4:04am
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It is almost impossible to come of with a list of safe and unsafe foods. Food products change their ingredients so often that what is safe one month, may not be safe another month. Your best bet is to stick with foods in their most natural form. Apples, oranges, stuff like that. Maybe you could find one or two "junk" snacks that are safe that can be used on alternating weeks so that the kids don't get bored with the fruit. Try to find two or three safe things and stick with those and do not change. The parent of this Brownie should be able to give you the best advice on this. Also, stay away from ice cream parlours and frozen yogurt shops. Most of these yogurt shops have a peanut butter flavor and you never know what tank it was in on what day and if it was cleaned properly before the "safe" flavor was added. For my own child, I find Burger King and McDonald's to be pretty safe. McDonald's does use peanuts on their sundaes and McFlurry's but that is usually far enough away from the burger/fry preparation not to pose a problem. Thanks for taking the time to investigate this.

Posted on: Mon, 10/04/1999 - 12:13pm
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Part of another e mail we received>>
I am the speech language pathologist to a little girl with cerebral
palsy at xxxxxxx U.S.A. (edited for posting) Her mother has informed us that she (the
daughter) has a peanut allergy. I am searching for a list of common
foods which contain peanut products (especially snack type foods) which
can be used in the classroom as a quick reference for the classroom
staff so we avoid giving peanut products to her. If you could help, I
would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
xxx(edited for posting)
Stay Safe
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Posted on: Mon, 10/04/1999 - 1:55pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

Regarding the list of foods that [b]may or do contain peanuts[/b] that I know of are:
Pizza Flavored Pringles contain peanut oil.
Coco Flavored Rice Krispies Treats-"may contain" warning on them as they are processed on the same line as the PB flavored ones.
Goldfish TRIO crackers contain peanut oil.
ALL Little Debbie Snack cakes have the "may contain peanuts" or "manufactured on the equipment shared with peanut products."
Plain M&M's have a "may contain peanuts" warning.
Cheese Nips REDUCED FAT crackers contain peanut oil.
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars have a "may contain peanuts warning"--don't know if ALL the flavors have the warning but I know some do.
I can't think of any other foods off the top of my head but if anyone can add to this list, it will be helpful.
Remember, ingredients can change at any moment so be sure to check the label.
Hope this helps!
Stay safe.
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Posted on: Mon, 06/19/2000 - 7:10am
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Does anyone know if the original Rice Krispy Treats (in the blue pkg) are made in the same facility as the PB version?

Posted on: Mon, 06/19/2000 - 8:46am
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I called Kellogs and they told me that the plain rice crispie treats (blue)are peanut and nut free and they are NOT made on the same line as the flavored versions.

Posted on: Mon, 06/19/2000 - 9:20am
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Thanks for the info on Rice Treats, my son loves them and I didn't want to take those away also.

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