A doctor \"got it\"!


Just thought I'd let you know about a nice thing that happened to us yesterday. We met up with a couple of Tom's school friends and their Mums yesterday after school While the children we playing we chatted about things including Tom's allergy. One of the Mum's who is a GP told me that a family had been in to her surgery yesterday - and that the daughter aged 3 had just been diagnosed as being allergic to peanuts. Before her son had been friends to Tom she had had very little knowledge of what living with a nut allergy was like. Tom has been to their house for tea often but the first time she'd phoned three manufactures to make sure the food would be ok for him. Due to the information I had given her (largely due to you people on these boards)she was able to send this family away armed with far more knowlegde and understanding than many of us have experienced. The more people are made aware of life-threatening allergies the better we will all be at dealing with them. Just felt a little step was made yesterday! Sarah

On May 22, 2003

Wow, the PA parents have to educate the doctors? Maybe we should all start charging for this service. What's a good hourly rate?

That was a great up-lifting story Sarah. Thanks for sharing it!