A decrease in lab results!!???

Posted on: Thu, 05/20/2004 - 5:46am
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My son was diagnosed in Dec with PA,we went to the allergist 5 months after his initial visit for a follow up and they drew blood work again. I was shocked first of all that they checked his lab values again so soon but the results for his peanut allergy were lower. In Dec the results were 21 KU/L and 2206 %ASM and now they are 8.8 KU/L and 1099 %ASM. He also tested negative for a host of tree nuts and legumes. I was so excited at the results but I am not quite sure what to think.

I don't want anyone to think that I am going to give him tree nuts or expect that he will outgrow his PA, and I realize that he is still highly allergic to peanuts, I was just wondering what others have experienced with their lab work. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Posted on: Thu, 05/20/2004 - 9:05am
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I have been told by my son's allergist that the cap rast score will not indicate the severity of reaction .The allergist told me he had a patient with cap rast at .35 ku/l for peanut(the score is extremely low) but the patient had a severe anaphylactic reaction.He also told me he has seen patients with wheat scores in 50s ku/l and they are able to eat wheat with no reaction.
My child had a rast for peanut that went from 11 ku/l to <100 ku/l and % response was over 6000.This was within a years time frame with total avoidance of peanut. In fact milk increased with total avoidance from 8 ku/l to < 100 ku/l.I nearly had a stroke when I got his scores after being so careful!! My son had a violent reaction to banana and that score was only .50 ku/l. He was in extreme distress and ended up projectile vommiting after 2 tiny bites of banana.At the same time he has had anaphylactic reactions to wheat which was in the 80s and also to barley which was about 8 ku/l .

Posted on: Thu, 05/20/2004 - 10:28am
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How old is your son?
Even though you obviously know you still need to be very cautious with PA as usual, I think it is very exciting news, too.
Must have made your day [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Thu, 05/20/2004 - 2:27pm
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Researching Mom - your child sounds like mine. He is milk, wheat, egg and peanut allergic. He is almost 3 yrs old. The milk we know b/c it spilled on him at 15 months old and he got hives everywhere it touched. We have skin and CAP RAST tested him for the wheat and egg. The peanut we only CAP RAST. The scores make no sense to me. His egg at gone from a 4+ skin test to a 1+ (basically negative in my allergist's opinion) and his most recent CAP RAST was Class 4 (19.6 (KU/L). The allergist wants to food challenge him in her office (she is right across from the hospital). She also (at a separate time) wants to food challenge him for wheat. He reports a >100, Class 6..but he had had a bit before we tested him (in bread that I made) and did not appear to have a reaction. Unfortunately, about 2 hours later was coughing out of the blue...so we held off trying it further. I honestly think the tests are "guidelines"...to be taken with the prior history of the patient, if any. My daughter at 13 months had a reaction to Peanut butter..her RAST was Class 3. At 3 years old, her RAST was negative, but skin was 4+. At 5, her CAP RAST was a Class 4--go figure(from a negative before)..go figure!!

Posted on: Thu, 05/20/2004 - 2:32pm
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Quote:Originally posted by researching mom:
[b]I have been told by my son's allergist that the cap rast score will not indicate the severity of reaction.[/b]
From what I've read, I agree. The blood tests only show the [b]likelihood [/b]of a reaction and, unfortunately, cannot predict the severity of it.

Posted on: Fri, 05/21/2004 - 3:02am
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e-mom, my son is now 17 months old. He was first tested at 12 months, when he had his first taste of PB and his first and only reaction thus far.

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