A child brought in 100 peanuts for the 100th day of school!

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 5:58am
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Today was Dylan's 100th day of school. He is in the afternoon kindergarten, which is peanut free. However, today both am and pm kindergarten classes met in the morning. Each child had to bring in 100 of something and it had to be there by Monday but it could be sent in earlier. Well Dylan came home today and there is a booklet that shows what everyone in both classes brought in and one of the children in the morning class brought in 100 peanuts in a jar. Now, obviously Dylan was not affected in any way by this, he's just the picture of health but...I was a bit upset when I saw this. They were in a jar with a lid so I know he wasn't exposed and the am class does not have a PA child in it so I guess no one would think not to send in peanuts. I was thinking of mentioning to the teacher(who is very supportive and reminds everyone who is bringing a special snack for the class that they can not bring in something that may contain peanuts) that in the future she might want to mention to the other class not to bring in 100 peanuts because of a PA. What do you think? Do you think I'm being too neurotic about this? I guess I was just surprised to see it.


Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 6:06am
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I would definitely mention it. The classes may be getting together for other events this year (like field trips or special parties), if your sons class is peanut free, the combined class should be when they get together.

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 6:20am
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Hi Karen,
I'm glad everything was ok with Dylan despite the peanuts being in the class. My daughter had her 100th day celebrations too and her teacher told her it was ok for her to eat 2 different things with peanut warnings. Thankfully she was ok but I know what you mean about it being so worrisome. I had to mention to the teacher again our policy about dd not having anything unless it is sent from home, even if she says that she's had it before. Its terrible but I worry so much every time these festivities come up because a lot of times thats when an incident occurs it seems.

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 6:26am
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I think you should mention it. When my dd was in kindergarten they specifically said "no peanuts or nuts" allowed for the hundred day celebration. I'm amazed they thought of it, to tell you the truth, [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img] as we had a lot of bad pa experiences that year. It's important that they should be on their toes for the future. Thank goodness they were in a jar. Miriam

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 7:47am
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I think you should speak with the teacher about it. If word gets around that someone brought peanuts to class, it can confuse parents and undermine efforts to keep the class peanut free.
Also, even though the peanuts were in a sealed jar, it was peanuty hands that tightened the lid and handled the jar. It's not completely without risk.
Alarm bells should have went off for that teacher if she had a full understanding of PA.

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 11:14am
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Thank you for your replies! I will mention it to the teacher. We have a good rapport, I just have to be clear in what I'm saying. I have a bad habit of apologizing whenever I'm trying to get my point across.

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 11:59am
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we had similar problems last year in kindergarten. the class next to my daughter's class put up pictures in the hallway. the pictures were created by glueing various items to construction paper. almost every picture had peanuts in the shell glued to them (among other thigns like feathers, macaroni, etc.). they were hung at kindergartner eye level for all the kids to see and of course, all the kids ran their hands along the wall and the pictures on their way to the bathroom and cafeteria etc. another time they stayed indoors for recess and played a game called "pass the peanut" - no kidding - in which the kids had to carry peanuts around in their hands and chase each other in the gym. my daughter had to persuade the gym teacher that she could NOT play. isn't it frustrating??? joey

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 1:44pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

wood145, I would definitely mention it to the teacher.
As someone else noted above, the classes may do something else together at some point. This happened with Jesse in SK. There were two classes (not sure what grades), his and another one. Because of Jesse's PA, it was requested that the other class also try to avoid bringing peanut products in their snacks and lunches that day. It was done really nicely by the school. It wasn't a "you CAN'T" thing, but a simple request.
The two classes did sit separately at picnic tables and I know I kept glancing around to see if anyone was eating pb or anything else that wouldn't be okay and I don't think I saw anything.
I guess, to non-PA parents, 100 peanuts is a good thing to bring in for the 100th day. It's like that sole peanut that was dropped in each of my children's Trick or Treat bag this last Hallowe'en. I don't know. Jesse, he took in 100 Hot Wheels cars. Ember's class didn't celebrate it. It was cute, she kept asking me what she had 100 of that she could take in. Well, she hasn't acquired 100 Barbies (yet) and she hasn't been collecting anything since she was 2 like Jesse, but she concluded that it would be okay to take 100 Hot Wheels cars in even if she is a girl and even if it fell on the same day as her brother's because he has enough to cover them both.
That's the only 100 thing we had. Couldn't scrap up 10 pennies, never mind 100! LOL!
I'm glad your son is okay though. I think Jesse would have been completely freaked out.
Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 1:50pm
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karen: i'm glad it's not just me that apologizes constantly when i'm doing my best to communicate my requests to the school or extended family members. i do it all the time. every time i feel an apology about to come out of my mouth i just want to bang my head on the wall...but i still keep apologizing. i have got to develop a backbone. joey

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 2:19pm
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My son's 100 day thing is tomorrow, and we were madly putting together a marshmallow-toothpick sculpture (who knows how many toothpicks, but for sure 100 marshmallows!!) tonight before bedtime. I have sooooo many things to do this week. :P DS insisted on the hard thing....100 pennies would've been great! ha ha ha ha

Posted on: Thu, 02/13/2003 - 3:24am
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Wood 154,
I'd have to bring it up to my teacher. I'd need to find out her thought process-- if she considered the residue issue. I think I'd ask her how she handled it and if it worried her. Did it cause her any extra work? (e.g. handwashing) Not in an accusing sort of way, but more like a "wow, what a difficult situation for you to figure out" sort of way.
Gald to hear it did not cause any problems for your child. Hope it goes well if you bring it up!



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