A battle of another kind in the news

Posted on: Wed, 09/10/2003 - 2:41am
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[b]Jason Robertson, whose battle to attend school as a boy with AIDS in the 1980s helped other children with the virus overcome its stigma, has died. He was 23. [/b]

The article goes on to describe what he faced to attend school. Including angry parents who didn't want him to attend because they thought it put their kids life in danger. Funny how it seems to go only one way. Why can't the peanut butter eating kids be ordered to stay home or study in a trailer so that the pa kids life does not get put in danger ?

Posted on: Wed, 09/10/2003 - 3:11am
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You go girl! I love your spirit!
Sue in Sunny Arizona

Posted on: Wed, 09/10/2003 - 7:24am
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Well, the truth is I don't believe school is worth fighting for (we're homeschoolers), but that's another topic. If you decide for any reason that school is best for your child, PA, AIDS, or whatever, then you should be able to attend.
But us ? No thank you. Home is the best place to learn. And that's what we think here.

Posted on: Thu, 09/11/2003 - 12:43am
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Quote:Originally posted by Sue:
[b]You go girl! I love your spirit!
Sue in Sunny Arizona[/b]
Welcome back Sue.. you were missed (see "Anyone heard from" thread in off topic).

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