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A-1 Steak Sauce? had a small reaction

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I was just wondering if A-1 is safe? There are no allergy notes & nothing in the ingredient list to make me think that there would be a problem. I used 2 tsp. of the steak sauce in a gravy I made, & I broke out with a few hives/bumpy type rash on my eyelids, & by my mouth. I have PA & TNA.

Thanks for any input, I'm new to all of this.

On Dec 30, 2006

I am sorry to hear of your mysterious hives/breakouts.

I am sensitive to spices (i.e. steak or meat spices at restuarants). When I season my own meat at home (salt/pepper, garlic, etc), I do not break out. I also cannot eat peppers, hot spices/sauces, picante sauce, spicy foods like sausage, seasoned pork, etc. I get really bad GI symptoms the next day or two.

It is hard to figure out which spice I'm sensitive to, so I mostly avoid restaurants altogether. When I do go, I ask my food to be cooked in a seperate pan with seperate tongs.

Hope this helps.

On Dec 30, 2006

My son has a severe pa and shellfish allergy and he loves A-1. The last time I bought a bottle of it he had it gone in 2-3 days. He has never had a problem with it.

Maybe it is to an ingredient in the A-1 that you've become allergic to?

On Dec 30, 2006

I am pa, tna, and fish allergic and I have eaten A1 Steak Sauce for years and have never had a problem. It is very tangy so perhaps you are sensitive to that? Mystery break outs are pretty nerve-wracking. Hope you can figure it out.

------------------ Terri in the USA (Severe allergy to peanuts, walnuts, haddock, tuna and avoid all nuts and fish)

On Dec 30, 2006

I hate mystery hives, too! What else did you put in the gravy? Maybe we can help you figure this out...

We've never had a problem with A-1.


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 4 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Dec 31, 2006

I had A-1 a long time ago I don't think I reacted. I know it's not the same but we mix Ketsup (Heinz) and Franks Red Hot sauce a couple of drops and add whatever you like, spices or honey.

On Dec 31, 2006

thanks for your input. I know that in the gravy I used an organic chicken bullion that listed no allergy note, but here are the ingredients: Chicken meat & natural juices, Salt,Cane suagar, maltodextrin, Natural Flavor,dried onion, potatoe starch,dried garlic, tumeric, & spice extractives.

I've heard about being cautious about natural flavors, but I've never had ana reaction & I don't know if I've had reactions to natural flavors before. I'm pretty sure that I'm getting more sensitive & getting more reactions where I didn't before.

The rest of the ingredients for the gravy are, wheat flour to thicken the gravy,salt & pepper, ketchup.

I hope that this helps.

On Dec 31, 2006

Also, there was 1 tsp. of mustard in the gravy as well.

I don't recall reacting to any of the ingredients before, so I'll start paying attention.

On Dec 31, 2006

KIMMO, have you been checked for wheat?

On Dec 31, 2006

Adele, I was tested with SPT for wheat, egg, soy,& milk in addition to PN & TN. The next step is getting tested for Celiac Disease. I suppose it's not out of the realm of possibility, but I still don't understand why I would react to PN & TN every time I now am exposed?

So, I'm supposed to get tested sometime in early jan. There are initial blood tests they will start with. If those come back neg. then the dr said we will deal with that when we come to it, but if the tests come back positive, then I will get a biopsy of the intestine for official diagnosis. I'm not sure if CD would mimick PNA & TNA. I haven't read that as being a symptom, but I also haven't read a lot about CD yet either.


On Dec 31, 2006

Mustard is a pretty common allergen.

Do you eat it regularly in other things without any problem?

Other than what you were tested for, the most common things to result in hives/itchiness as you describe would be sesame, mustard or other seeds, and celery.

It is also possible to have a food allergy which is ordinarly sub-clinical but that during periods of stress (ahem.... holidays, anyone? ), high-intensity exercise, or illness can become clinically symptomatic. Celery is notorious for being a culprit in exercise-induced anaphylactic episodes, actually.

Hope you figure it out.... it is sure frustrating.

By CNIEVES on Jun 29, 2015

I did a really scary episode too...I did put the A1 sauce in mu stake, when I start I felt like a disconfort at once but finish my food all the sudden my thong was like itching, and got big like at 4am I coudnt like breat or was hard..I did wake up with my thougth really dry, and like can not dring water...I felt like was going to die....I think God help me becuase I really do not know how I did it.but finaly was able to take one of my alergy pills and I sware I was so scare....I know is the sauce...I do eat M&M with nut...and nothing happend no alergy...I think is the spice on the sauce...I am really scare to eat it againg.....that experince is the worst you can experince. I always Thank God.....

By Sandra Ann on Aug 31, 2014


I had a very scary thing happen to me the other night. I dipped my steak into the A1 sauce (because the steak was very bland) and immediately my esophagus closed up. I still had the steak in my mouth, didn't even have a chance to chew it and I did not have any air way through my throat! I was so scared! I wasn't choking on the meat, bc I reached in and put in on the plate right away. It was the A1 sauce! My friend came around and did the Heimlich maneuver and I finally started to breath again. I have to think it was all the spices maybe?? Literally thought I was going to die that night, and wow, not how I ever wanted to go like that! I wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them??

By CLSPARKS1950 on Apr 29, 2012

My husband has a slight reaction to A1 Steak sauce every time he eats it. I don't think he is a person who has a lot of allergies but the sauce gives him the sensation that he can't swallow. It passes fairly quickly but it happens everytime. If anyone turns up the bad ingredient, I'd be interested in your sharing it. Thanks again.

By pattycat9 on Aug 22, 2013

I have the same problem every time I go out to eat. It's embarrassing!! What could be the cause of it? Also i have a sneezing attack every time I pour A-1 sauce on my plate and eat it. I love A1 too!!! Help me!

By CLSPARKS1950 on Apr 29, 2012

Adding one for me - I have been identified with several allergies, mostly grasses, cat dander etc. I suffer for years from what they believe is IBS and what I believe is food sensitivities. Each time I go to a restaurant, at the end of the meal I have a sneezing attack - 10-12 times. I used to think it was from wine as I usually have a glass with meals when we dine out. But I have same effect when I do not drink. Does anyone experience this? I'm assuming it is from preservatives but it seems to be any meal - in a restaurant - no matter the food so...

By Talxie on Aug 23, 2013

I'm not sure about A1, but if it is a bother mix ketchup and worchestire sauce 1 part to 1 part and it tastes very similar!

By Saralinda on Aug 23, 2013

I was going to suggest it might be anchovies, but they are not listed on the A1 label. Worcheshire sauce does have anchovies and if one is allergic to fish, it might be problematic.