8 month old

Posted on: Wed, 02/13/2008 - 1:20am
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Hi, I posted this under living with a peanut allergy first ... guess i should have posted it here.

Hi, We just found out that our 8 month old is allergic to peanuts and egg whites. We have the epi-pen and the medical band, but I was wondering how servere he is.
For peanuts he tested 4+ and for egg whites 3+
Do I have to monitor everything he eats (may contain stuff) and what about playground equipment? Can he get a reaction from that? How bad is a #4


Posted on: Wed, 02/13/2008 - 3:32am
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I'm still a little new to this but from everything I have read a positive is a positive and there is no way to determine what a reaction would be.
My DS was diagnosed at 3/4 months old and he was a 9+ on the skin prick test (SPT) and before we found out he was getting pn through my breast milk which was resulting in bad eczema. Since finding out I eliminated all pn from my diet. It wasn't until he was more around 10 months old and starting some table foods that I started doing more research. I have found in my reading too that if you can make it so they have no to as few as possible exposures they may be more likely to outgrow the allergy. Because of that we have made our home pn/tn free and since I'm still breastfeeding I don't eat anything I wouldn't feed my son which includes all "may contain", "processed with", "processed same as..." etc.... Just because he had a large wheal for the SPT doesn't mean that he would have a anaph. reaction if he ingested pn first hand. Also one reaction one time doesn't mean that the next reaction won't be more severe. That is why you always make sure you carry benedryl and your epi pens.
Now that all he eats is pretty much table food it is all about reading lables. I get a lot of good info on different brands from the board here as to which ones are better than others at labeling. There are some that people think are ok while others do not such as Nabisco and Kraft, and for those we have eaten with no issues so I will just continue to check the labels and continue eating them. It is all about whatever is in your comfort zone.
As for playground equipment and such I let my DS play and haven't had any issues. Things like shopping carts and stuff though I do wipe down. Not only for possible pn but for any cold germs going around! LOL! I have a difficult time to during playgroups trying to find that balance of letting my son have fun and play without putting him in harms way. You just have to do what you feel comfortable with.
Sorry about the diagnosis and I understand how stressful it can be. Reading and gaining info is the best way to feel more in control. There are a number of good books out there. I got Dr. Michael Youngs The Peanut Allergy Answer Book and it was so useful that I sent it to all our family to read.
WELCOME to the board!

Posted on: Wed, 02/13/2008 - 4:08am
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Hi and welcome,
Was it a SPT or Rast? On a rast for peanut a 4 would be considered Highly allergic. Some people don't follow the #'s so much as a positive is a positive and you can have a severe reaction regardless of how high your #'s are. I am a #'s person so I follow my sons Rast #'s each year. WE don't do any bakery items with the exception of big name sandwich bread. I have also quit giving my son any icecream except homemade. for chocolate we only use hersheys or vermont nut free.
I wipe down carts, and tables if we happen to eat out. He plays at playgrounds and we wipe after. He does participate in sports teams we wipe down shared equipment that goes on his face and he wipes after.
For reference books I really liked understanding and manageing your childs food allergies by Scott Sicherer for a dr's point of view and the parents guild to food allergies from a moms point of view.

Posted on: Wed, 02/13/2008 - 4:31am
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i am right there with you! i knew he would be PA while i was still prego, so it was no big shock to me by the time he had his first reaction.... it is soooo hard having such a tiny baby with this life threatening allergy and absolutly no method of communicating it to you if something was wrong. my son had his first reaction at 2 months, just hives (i ate something with pn oil and didnt realize it had pn oil) and kissed up the side of his face, just broke out in hives, none "ingested" for lack of a better word. the 2nd time was me simply being careless, i had eaten a pb cup away from him (washed hands 2x in SCALDING water with 3 diff soaps), 20 min later when i got home i made a bottle and put a finger over the nipple to shake, and that caused his 2nd reaction, which was anaphylactic, and landed us in the ER for the afternoon. i dont recall exactly how old he was, but it wasnt more than a month or so after the first time, so like 3 1/2 m.... none since then, thank goodness and knock on wood!... i am waiting for my son to turn a year as my dr does lead screening at a year, so at that blood draw i will have them do allergies as well, no sense in poking more times than necessary... i have mixed feelings about spt, i dont know whether or not i will have him tested with spt...
hang in there... im really new to this as well, so i dont have much advice to offer other than just watch him like a hawk! good luck!
also - does anyone have any links to stuff re where if you limit their exposure they have a better chance of outgrowing?

Posted on: Thu, 02/14/2008 - 4:45am
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What is SPT or RAST - we found out with a scratch test done on his back - they did 3 rows of stuff and scratched it in.
They were testing for milk and soy - and thank god peanuts is on the same stick as milk or god knows how we would have found out - i hate to think about that could have happen. We have a 4 year old at home and we make (or should say made) peanut butter cookies all the time, peanut butter/banana sandwiches.
The comment about eating then washing ur hands and touching the bottle - that scares me! That means even when I go back to work, i can't have peanut butter there?!?!

Posted on: Thu, 02/14/2008 - 6:03am
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SPT - is Skin Prick Test - same as the scratch test you recieved just a different name. I don't know of a way to tie SPT to severity maybe someone else does.
Rast is a blood test - while it won't tell you the type of reaction you will see - a low blood test can still have an ANA reaction. It can tell you over time if the kiddo is possibly outgrowing their allergy. #'s going down over time is a possibility they are outgrowing. Of course for peanut there is only a 20% chance of outgrowing.
I typically don't eat peanut or treenuts when I am away from my son. Just so I don't have to think about it - I have gotten a mis-order at a restaurant where I have asked for instance for no nuts on ths salad and there were some in there anyway. And havn't had any trouble but it was typically several hours until I would see my son.
I think that is kind of a comfort zone thing I know folks who do and folks who don't.

Posted on: Thu, 02/14/2008 - 7:14am
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Janet - yes, it is a really good example of how minute an amount can cause a relatively severe reaction. this happened when ds was about 3 months old, i cant remember how much he weighed, however the er doc said that the epi jr was over 3x the dose they would give for his weight, but it was necessary even still. his symptoms were definatly ana, his tongue was so swollen his mouth was just hanging open, he had very labored breathing, drooling profusely, wheezing, you name it, but very little hives... i was VERY lucky! i gave him benadryl as soon as i realized what happened, rushed to ER and they gave him some sort of steroid orally (decadrine? something sounding like that at least, from what i recall).
niche - thank you so much, your replies have helped me out so much over the last few days/weeks, i appreciate it! how often do you have your son rast tested? is it like yearly?
as far as eating pn away from my son, i typically do not. they werent a big part of my diet before, so im not missing out on a lot, ya know? but every now and again i will get a wicked craving for PBJ. when this happens i just take some bread from home, and i keep jars of pb and jelly at my office and make a sandwich first thing, that way there is a great deal of time in between (ie i will eat it at 9am and will p/u from daycare after 5)... and no problems since. the reaction i was talking about, even though washed hands, was maybe 20 min from eating it to coming home.
like niche said, it really is all about comfort zones. i think compared to a lot of ppl on here my comfort zone is a little more on the lax side for a few reasons, but i havent had a problem with reactions since then *knock on wood*... good luck!

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