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My son is 4 1/2, he has pa and was last scratch tested for pa and tree nuts last summer. The allergist wants us to come back when he is 7 yrs old. He says, the body goes through 7 year cycles, rejuivinating itself and my son's reaction maybe different then. I always thought pa was a life long allergy, but talking to the allergist makes me wonder if thats so. The doctor says the research being done in Sweden shows there may be some hope for children with mild reactions to peanuts. By mild I mean, no diarriah, vomiting, difficulty breathing... I won't take my guard down in any event. But, i was wondering if anyone else has heard this.

On May 9, 2000

I have never heard of this, but I do know that you can never count on the next reaction being as mild as the prior reaction. Andy

On May 23, 2000

My 4 1/2-year old daughter has a peanut allergy with a reaction of hives around her mouth (she has had peanut butter twice in her life at 15 and 18 mos. and got this reaction both times; she also swelled up on one side of her face at the age of 2 1/4 after eating Chinese food). She had her scratch test at the age of 2 1/2, which, according to her allergist, came out as "mild". At the time her allergist said we should avoid all nuts for 7 years, at which time we could do a challenge to see if she had outgrown the allergy. We saw him again a couple of months ago with regard to managing her allergy in kindergarten and he said that we can now wait a total of 5 years after the scratch test, meaning we can challenge her in 3 more years. I believe this would be done by first testing with pb on the skin, then the lips, then a bit on the tongue, and finally on toast, assuming no reaction to that point. He said she has a reasonable chance of outgrowing the allergy as it was "mild to moderate" to begin with and also that she has not had anything to do with nuts since her test. I am certainly hopeful she does outgrow it but if she doesn't we can always look forward to a cure.

On May 25, 2000

Kristin I actually have heard this , but I believe my allergist said your body changes every 3 years. She said that kids having Mild reactions such has hives, have a good chance of outgrowing it. But ones like my son who swelled like a balloon and had difficulty breathing the first time, might have less of a reaction as he grows, but will never out grow it.

On May 25, 2000

sl, rebecca or jeramie thx for your reply. I have been holding out hope that the next testing when my son is seven (in just over two years) will be negative. But, it is true what Andy said aswell. You can't trust the next exposure of pb to be mild, here's hoping the challenge goes well for us all.

On May 26, 2000

My son was diagnosed at 1 year of age with dairy, strawberry, eggs, and nuts. He is now 8 and I am taking him in next month for retesting. I am 99% sure he has outgrown the dairy and eggs and hope maybe the strawberries. The nuts are still an issue (he had a reaction 1.5 yrs ago) but I am hoping for a miracle!

On May 26, 2000

My allergist said that there is a slim chance my son will outgrow his PA but I'm better off hoping and praying for a cure as that is more likely.

On Oct 27, 2000

It is me again with some anazing news even I cannot believe since this original post we have changed allergist . The allergist (who is allergic to nuts) was very hopeful that my son had a chance of outgrowin the peanut allergie. Even though Michael swelled the first reaction wich was over 1 1/2 years ago he sent us for a blood test. Michael's levels were 0 this means he said there is a 95% chance my son outgrew peanuts. I am amazed and frighten we go for the oral challenged next week, and I am not sure I am ready. I have given up alot, Once he was diagnosed I did like everyone else a little research I decided the only chance he had to outgrow it was complete avoidance even contact. We kept him away from alot of people who thought we were crazy. i decided a year wasn't long and it was worth the try. Now I am so hopeful, but reality is he might still be allergic to treenuts, he has never had any and never been tested. I just want to keep the hope up. Even if Michael hasn't quite outgrown the allergy maybe I have made it so he will have a less severe reaction. Good luck

On Oct 27, 2000

Rebecca or Jeramine, thats great news. I had taken my son to be retested in September, and the skin test produced a hive measuring 18mm! He said for a 5 yr old that hive is considered HUGE. I was so hopeful this test would show little or no reaction to peanuts. The alergist has never offered to do a blood test aswell. As I am in Canada perhaps it isen't done here. But I should still bring it up to the allergist. Reid's (my son) reactions have been considered mild, his last exposure to peanuts was when he was two.

On Oct 28, 2000

My son's allergist told us a year ago when my son was diagnosed as having a PA, that not very many people outgrow it. He said that if he went a few years without having another reaction, that he would re-test him. My son's reaction included him having an itchy nose, red cheeks, and wheezing. I will look forward to hearing how you make out on all the tests!

On Oct 28, 2000

Rebecca- Congratulations! Let us know how it goes next week.

Kristen- Your son sounds like mine. When he was tested a few months ago at the age of 4 the size of his wheal was 18 mm. (and it had those pseudopods) for both peanuts and the tree nuts he tested positive to. My allergist never made the comment about it being big for a child though. He did act kind of shocked when he saw it.

On Oct 28, 2000

rebecca or Jeramie Dewain

Give me a call in the next few days. We are on eastern standard time.

Here is the number for PeanutAllergy.Com (207) 766-5292.

------------------ Stay Safe,


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On Nov 4, 2000

Rebecca or Jeramie You sound like wonderful parents who have sacrificed alot to protect your son against any further peanut exposure. If our children have any chance of outgrowing the allergy, it is my understanding that we must guard against any exposure in those crucial transition years. Please, please reconsider an oral challenge. How old is your son? You don't want - in one day - to undue all the hard work, careful vigilence and emotional sacrifice you have made. Get a second opinion. Will the oral test be done at a hospital? Maybe a few more years of strict avoidance will give your son's body the time it needs - or, who knows, deliever some type of miracle cure for us all. Remember, this new allergist doesn't have to live with the consequences of his little office experiment. I wish your family the best. I have nothing but deep respect for all parents of children with food allergies.

On Feb 14, 2001

to kristen 10 ask your allergist about the RAST CAP test in canada - if you are in ontario it costs $20 - at least that's what i paid - OHIP doesn't cover all of it - good luck

On Feb 14, 2001

Lego, thanks for the info. I have though of the rast test a few times. Is it more conclusive then the scratch test. With the 18 mm hive my son got from the scratch test last year, I'm not very hopeful he will outgrow. I just pray for a cure.

On Apr 18, 2001

I'm hopeful by reading all these postings but don't see any outcomes from anyone. My son is almost 2-1/2. At 19 mos he tested positive for milk, egg, peanut, wheat, barley, etc. both skin and blood. He has had mild but obvious reactions to milk and egg. Because of family history and his own allergies becoming apparent he has never been exposed to peanut. I'm quite fanatical about ingredients and we don't eat out so I'm as sure as possible that he's had no exposure (except thru breast milk). Since he's never had a peanut reaction I'm hopeful that we may be able to challenge one day and either the tests are false postitives or he'll outgrow. Any similar experiences? I'd be very grateful if some of those who posted last year would let us know the outcomes.

On Apr 18, 2001

elaine, my son is now 5 1/2 his last exposure to pb was when he was 2. We are handling it day by day like everyone else. This September he'll be in 1st grade and going to a new school that is being built as i write this. At this point there is know one in place to talk to about his allergy. I don't know who his teacher will be. The school he is attending this year, I am there all the time and so you get to know the teachers and how accomidating that are. My daughter is 2 1/2 and will be tested within the year of pb. Since she has never had an exposure, she'll have to be tested at least twice to be sure. I just pray she is OK.

On Apr 22, 2001

Hi Elaine, My daughter is also now 5 1/2 and in kindergarten. As far as I know she has had no peanut reactions in the past year. I say this because a few months ago her eye swelled up within about 15 minutes of being dropped off at school one morning (when she left the car she was fine, by the time I parked and entered her classroom her eye was swollen), but her breakfast of oatmeal and milk had been peanut free and she has a peanut free classroom. I still don't know what caused this problem with her eye as she said she didn't hurt it or do anything to it. When I went into the classroom and saw this I did give her a Benadryl tablet, which seemed to decrease the swelling. Anyway, I am hopeful that she did not encounter some peanut product somewhere along the way, for example in the boot room, that morning and that this swelling problem was due to something else. I have worked hard at keeping her away from peanuts to increase any chances of her outgrowing this. I am still hopeful that when we orally challenge her in two more years her reaction will be negative. I did not mention in my post last year that at the age of 3 1/2 she had a CAP RAST test at my request, which showed that she was allergic to something which they did not determine but that it was not peanuts. I was under the impression that the blood test is not as reliable as the skin test and so I still consider her to be peanut allergic. I will keep you updated on her progress.

On Jul 31, 2001

Here's a late response to the topic! My son is six and a half and had a skin test of 30ml. He has the the test when he was two. We never had the skin test done AGAIN! OUCH! But we did have RAST tests done and his blood levels have gone down steadly. However, he has not been re-exposed so it could be that the levels have gone down simply because his volume of blood has increased as he has grown and could have no relationship to "growing out of it".

On Aug 31, 2002

Wow!! My daughter is now 7 and seems to have outgrown her allergy! A week-and-a-half ago I went to see her allergist for her annual appointment in order to get her form filled out for a peanut free classroom for Grade 2 (we've have to do this every year). I was under the impression that our five-year waiting period for an oral challenge was up in February, as that will be five years since her positive scratch test for peanuts. (See my earlier post). He said we could do it now as it is "about five years." Well, her scratch test came up as negative! So, he sent us for a blood test, which also came back negative. So, this week we spent two days at his office doing challenges. On Monday he tested the inside of her wrist, then the outside of her lip, and then the inside of her lip with no reaction (we had to wait for quite awhile between each test). So, on Wednesday he gave her about a tenth of a teaspoon, we waited a couple of hours, and then he gave her a whole teaspoon, with no reaction!! Even though I knew this would be a possibility, I tried not to get my hopes up too high for this and when it actually happened it was pretty unbelievable. He also said that the next day we could try giving her 4 1/2 year old sister peanut butter, which we did. She seems to be able to tolerate it and has now had it a few times but I'm very paranoid looking at every little skin bump I see after the fact wondering if this was there before and could it be from the peanut butter. So, with both my girls, this will take a lot of getting used to (for me). The seven-year old, who actually was allergic, has now had peanut butter every day since, as she says she really likes it, and also many things that "may contain traces" with no seeming reaction. I pray that this will not reverse itself, as if it did it would be worse now that she has had these things and, I'm sure, would miss them. I just wanted to let you all know that it seems to be possible to outgrow this allergy. The allergist, who is an older doctor, said that 25 to 40 percent of children outgrow this allergy and it would be rare to get it back - that this has never happened to one of his kids before. I have been very careful to keep my daughter away from nuts and traces of nuts and would definitely not have been able to do this without this Board and all of you who have posted so much information. I have not really posted very much as I never really had too much to say but have spent many hours reading here and gotten so much support. Thank you so much, everybody, and especially to Chris for making this Board possible! I pray that they find a cure for this soon and I really think they will. I will keep you updated on my daughter's progress and whether or not the allergy stays away or comes back.

Take care, Sonia

On Sep 1, 2002

Sonia, That is so GREAT that your daughter outgrew the allergy. It's something all of us hope for. I'm not expecting it but if it happens I'll be thrilled. Doesn't it feel strange feeding her peanut butter??? I'm very happy for you and your daughter.

On Sep 1, 2002

CONGRATULATIONS! I would think the best feeling will be when your daughter goes to someone elses house or to a birthday party and you don't have to have tons of anxiety! You give hope to all of us! Stay safe, well and PA free!!!!!


On Sep 1, 2002

Hi Sandra and Diane! Thanks for your best wishes!! Yes, it does feel strange giving my kids peanut butter; it's never even been allowed in our house before. While they're eating it (and for awhile after they've finished) I keep asking them if they're feeling OK and I'll even pull them aside and do a quick check for hives. I don't feel comfortable giving it to them unless they have asked for it as I feel like I don't want to force it on them and press my luck. For the first few days they asked for it everyday. I think they were just so happy to be able to finally eat it. I suspected, though, that they didn't really enjoy the taste as much as they were saying and, sure enough, today they didn't mention it once. (I myself can't stand the stuff and have only had it about twice in my life because I find it so awful. I know I'm not allergic, though, as I love peanut butter cups and have eaten lots of them. So, for me, I can't understand how anyone can like it, although it seems that many people love it). About the birthday parties, you're right, this is going to make such a difference. Tonight we went to a get together at a friend's house, who is Vietnamese and serves a lot of oriental food. We have been invited there three times before. The first two times were birthday parties for their kids and I ended up bringing my kids their own carefully checked brand of peanut free hotdogs, boiled at my house and wrapped in foil, our own carefully checked brand of hotdog buns, a bag of vegetables cut up at my house, and peanut free cupcakes that I had made. From my friend's house they were able to have some cut up fruit (which I was hoping hadn't somehow come into contact with any trace of peanut butter) and drinks. However, there was a whole table filled with delicious oriental food which I had to tell them they were too young to eat and maybe they could have it when they were older, even though they saw other kids their age eating it. The third time (about three weeks ago) that we were invited to dinner there I had to decline as my older daughter was sick. I was just as happy not to go, though, as I just felt bad for them being so restricted in what they could have there. Well, tonight was completely different. I was actually looking forward to going. They were able to sit up at the table with their friends and eat what they were eating (they really liked it, too!) and I didn't have to hover over them the whole time making sure they didn't accidentally get something they weren't supposed to have. I was able to go and sit by my husband and relax and eat my own dinner!

Now that they are able to have these different types of foods (by the way, I am still avoiding shellfish and I'm not sure when they'll get that but I'm not being fanatical about traces to it as I was with peanuts), yes, I am so very thankful but I still have an uneasy feeling deep down that this is all too good to be true and that maybe they are getting too much exposure to peanuts and perhaps the allergy will show itself again. After living with peanut allergy every day for five years, I think it will take quite awhile, if ever, for me to get rid of this fear. I hope and pray that soon they will find a cure for this so that none of us will have to deal with this anymore. I really believe this cure is coming soon.

Take care, and best of luck to everyone. Sonia