6yr son ....outgrowing pa..

Posted on: Sun, 05/06/2007 - 12:25am
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last week my 6yr ds, ptna, had a blood test, his first in 3 yrs.

the doctor called with the results, and she gave us the news that she really thinks that he can outgrow this.she discussed this on our visit with her, but i still was convinced that it was possible.

first step is to have a skin test, just for pa, the tna numbers were so high, that he will always have that allergy.

after skin test , if he passes, dr said some may fail, even if there numbers are low, we would move on to a challenge test, actually putting pb into his body, this is really getting to me, for the last 4 yrs we have been avoiding pb,and teaching him what to avoid, it has been really hard, and now what. i am having a hard time with this. my husband is so encouraged and i am afraid.

my husband said after the drs visit my son asked him if one day he will be able to eat pb like all the others kids in school. he heard the doctor talking about outgrowing this. this breaks my heart, i would do anything for him to outgrow this and to stop worrying about him everyday of his life.

so for my son, i will agree to do the skin test, i have so many questions, i hope to get the answers to.

i know the dr can answer alot for us, has anyone on here outgrown this , or your child has outgrown pa. once the challenge test is done, and if he can eat pb. then what , the dr told us that once you introduce the pb , you will always have to have it in your diet, which i am having a hard time accepting since we have been avoiding and living pn free for four years.
i would love to hear about someone else who has gone through this or is this just all hopeful thinking, or does the dr really know what will come.


Posted on: Sun, 05/06/2007 - 3:49am
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Just because this is how my son's testing turned out, doesn't mean the SAME for you.
We had similar scenario...rast showed negative for 2 shellfish, egg. Showed very low for peanut. the dr. stated same protocol as you...come for skin testing and we'll proceed with Challenge if negative.
I was literally on my kitchen floor sobbing for joy about the shellfish and egg, BUT especially for peanut.
We had been having a difficult time with school and he was in first grade...I had such anxiety about him being at school.
Fortunately, the egg and shellfish was again negative on skin, but the peanut made a 16 mm wheal which is pretty big.
So, here we are, he is now 9. We're still avoiding.
I hope it works that your son has outgrown! Good luck and tell us how it goes!

Posted on: Sun, 05/06/2007 - 8:23am
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i have never heard of outgrowing pa, that is what i am concerned about, i read on here that numbers change and reactions change so what can make the dr so sure that he can outgrow this. i am hoping because like you he is in school this year and we have had issues with the teacher, she can't grab the concept that he cannot eat certain things, especially cross contamination. it is so hard with him in school, i worry everyday and wait for a call that something is wrong, i try not to do that but i have to trust his teacher and she isn't to trustworthy.
so i am trying not to get my hopes up high that this is over. it would be fantastic,,how long again did you go through the skin test, and is there any hope that maybe it will change.
i am sorry you are having trouble in school, i never expected that i would have to worry about school, since he is in kdg, where they dont have food everyday,
thanks for your input

Posted on: Sun, 05/06/2007 - 9:54pm
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Just to clarify...The blood testing was when he was in first grade, he is now in 3rd grade.
Kindergarden was laden with food....every day snack from home, birthday celebrations etc.
Things are much better at school now.
We have not been tested again since then.

Posted on: Mon, 05/07/2007 - 3:24am
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Can I just ask what your son's levels were on his original blood test and his new one?
We have our allergist appt tomorrow and I have many questions for him.

Posted on: Sun, 06/17/2007 - 6:06am
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Please refer to the attached website.
Just to be safe.

Posted on: Sun, 06/17/2007 - 10:21pm
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Quote:Originally posted by lj:
Can I just ask what your son's levels were on his original blood test and his new one?
On this same note, has anyone outgrew their PA when their levels were high? My son is about a 5 on the RAST scale and he will have another blood test this week to see where his levels are. He has never dropped levels since he was first diagnosed (age 1), but our allergist told us that if he were to drop, now would most likely be the time/age.
He has only had one reaction (so far, knock on wood), his first at age 1, which consisted of hives.

Posted on: Thu, 06/28/2007 - 9:56pm
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Just be careful. Is the rast 5 from 3 years ago or this year? Isn't 5 high. I'm lower with peanuts but still react and I avoid. My doctor even thinks I may not be allergic but I know how I feel when I eat them and I stay away, but I'm also older and became allergic as an adult. I do hope your son is outgrowing. Some kids do. Good luck. It's nice to hear numbers going low and even nicer to hear that some children will outgrow the allergy.
Edited to add that I know someone who was allergic as a baby and then outgrew the allergy.
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Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2007 - 5:37am
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This is in regard to the web link a few posts above this one. Dr. Burks is one of the co-authors of that article. A few years ago I was at a talk given by Dr. Burks and he said that, worldwide, they knew of 20 people who had outgrown a peanut allergy and then grew back into it. These were both children and adults. He said that they all had avoided peanuts after they passed the challenge. Of course, that number may have increased or their findings may have changed since that time.


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