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Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 12:43am
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Neither of my pa children carry their own epi-pen. At school, they are in their classroom and in school office. At recess and lunch, the teacher carries it with her. As far as going other places, the adult in charge of them keeps it. Has worked so far. I realize not everyones situation is like this.

Posted on: Thu, 10/09/2003 - 11:51am
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My 5 year old has just started wearing an epi-pen. After consulting with his very concerned and conscientious teacher, the principal and assistant principal, we decided it would be best. His teacher has 18 other children to keep up with. While she is willing to carry his epi-pen, she may not always remember to pass it to special area teachers or lunchroom monitors, or to ask them to give it back to her (this happened at least once that I know of, despite everyone's best intentions). Frequently, the children go outside for PE, and the coaches, who have 3 classes together (50-60 kids total) were concerned they might forget to take it out.
I believe the epi-pen needs to be immediately accessible at all times, not so much because I'm concerned that there might be accidental contact reaction from kids playing with a contaminated basketball or swing set, but because of the possibility of delayed reaction - he might be exposed to peanut protein in the lunchroom, but not react until an hour later when they're outside. The school suggested that, if I weren't comfortable with my son carrying the pen, they would keep one in the cafeteria, gym, classroom, and nurse's office. I was more concerned that by the time someone noticed on a busy playground or crowded cafeteria that he was having a reaction, then had to run get the nearest pen, it could be too late. This way, the first adult to get to him can pull out the pen and use it, and still have time to get one of the spares from his backpack in the classroom before he would need a possible second injection.
We use the medi-pouch from FAN. I had wanted to get an e-belt, but they were back ordered for at least 6 weeks. The pouch contains a hard plastic tube that's very sturdy (two different adults weighing more than 125 lbs jumped up and down on the thing and it didn't even bend). While easy enough for an adult, it's a bit difficult for a young child to open - my son can barely open the tube, and the belt can be put on so that you have to remove it before being able to open the pouch. I hate that my kindergartener has to carry this at such an early age, I - and he - feel more secure that he's protected in case of a reaction.

Posted on: Fri, 10/10/2003 - 4:01am
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This board is still not working properly. Hope I can post this time.
Shawn, you mentioned that the e-belt can be worn so that the epi-pen cannot be taken out without taking off the belt. Do you mean wearing it inside out? Not a bad idea, actually. But, is it uncomfortable that way? My son wears it the regular way, and never complains about it, but inside out sounds like the tube would press in to him more.

Posted on: Fri, 10/10/2003 - 12:12pm
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AnnaMarie - I think Shawn was talking about not being able to purchase the e-belt because of a backlog in orders and thus they ended up purchasing the medi-pouch from FAN. Shawn was commenting that the Medi-Pouch velcro strip across the pouch (to keep the pen inside this pouch) is on the inner side of the belt, so to get at the epi pen,the belt has to be removed.
Wearing an e-belt inside out would definitely be uncomfortable.
Also - we have the medi-pouch [b]tubes only [/b] to keep our spare epi-pens handy and out of direct sunlight without having to stash them away hidden in a dark drawer at home - Shawn's right about those tubes - much like the epi-belt tube - they can really withstand alot of weight on them - I bought 6 of the tubes for $6.00 a piece to keep our spare pens in. Thought that was a great investment, but then again I [b]am [/b] the self-proclaimed king of epi-pen pouch purchases (my epi-pen pouch purchasing expeditions are highlighted in a recent post in ryan's mom's thread entitled "We got our E-belt today..."



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