504 violations


Since my son's 504 was implemented, there have been numerous violations (what I consider violations are, his teacher giving him a cupcake, his reading teacher offering him a snack from her because she would not let him go back and get his safe snack, and everyday there is peanuts or peanut products served in the lunchroom and no alternative served for his class.) So the other day I wrote an email to the principal asking about what kinds of cookies were on the menu and she responded more or less what did it matter if everybody was washing their hands. So I responded according to the 504 there should be an alternative served and who was responsible for making sure this was done. Well today she stopped me in the hall and wanted to know what exactly that I expected her to do. I said to serve the alternative and make sure they were washing their hands. She said why should they serve an alternative if they were washing their hands and he was sitting at the peanut free table. I said for extra protection. So she started talking about mixed messages she was receiving from me and they were doing the best they could. So I started telling her that I was about to go in front of the school board and ask them to remove anything containing peanuts and tree nuts from the menu. I was also going in front of the PTO and asking for their support and she started saying this was not the right forum. She was just saying they were doing the best they could. So I said what about the violations so far. And you could see the fear in her eyes that I was about to drop the bomb on them and tell them what had happened. She said we were doing the best we could. Not to tell because they were doing the best they could and it would look like they were not trying. What should I do? This is probably not making much sense because I am in a hurry and I will elaborate later. Sorry!!

On Oct 12, 2007

Hi mom of L&C,

Your 504 states that 'No one will offer child food'? And they are still offering your child food?? If so, then yes that is a major violation. If you do not have that written into the 504, you probably ought to (worded however you like, no food that parents haven't okayed, etc.) Violations can really only occur if there is a specific accomodation within the 504 that the school is not implementing.

As far as the peanuts being served at lunch, does your 504 state that the school will not serve peanut products at lunch? So many schools are going to peanut free menus, its amazing. If your school doesn't have such a policy and you want to fight for one, set up a meeting with the school and come prepared with oodles of peanut free lunch school policies from across the land, preferably schools in your own area. And even a letter from your child's allergist would be helpful.

Good luck