504 plan for 1st grade

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July 8, 2005

SUMMARY OF 504 PLAN For School Year 2005-2006

The purpose of this 504 Plan is to protect ==== DOB ====from the life-threatening aspects of her severe allergy to peanuts / tree nuts.

1. ==== must not be exposed to peanuts or tree nuts, either through ingestion or physical contact.

2. Adults responsible for supervising ---- must be trained to recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction and how to respond.

3. An Emergency Medical Kit containing ==== Epi-Pen and other materials as determined by parents must be available at several locations and in ---'s classroom in the event of an allergic reaction.

4. Adults responsible for supervising ----must be trained to respond quickly and appropriately to an allergic reaction, including administering an Epi-Pen.

5. The school should take a proactive approach in keeping ---- environment free from peanuts and their products.

6. Take Peanut butter and jelly and any other items consisting of peanut / treenut products off the school menu. ONLY those students that medically need peanut butter. (district disignated staff to confirm medical condition of students)

7. NO new food item consisting of peanut / treenuts on the school menu.

8. PTA and ALL school events will not consist of or result in contact or ingestion of peanut / treenut products

9. School will take threats or harassment, bullying /teasing against --- seriously, in accordance with its anti-harassment policy.

10. Striking a balance between safety and social normalcy, providing the same opportunities and conditions as ---- peers and offering encouragement to ---- .


The nature of ---'s allergy is such that any exposure to these allergens may trigger a life-threatening anaphylactic allergic reaction. This extends to ingestion and physical contact to even minute peanut and tree nut particles and oils.

--- also has asthma and numerous other food and environmental allergies.

---will wear a medical alert bracelet at all times.

--- has a twin brother (--- -. ---). For --- safety (---) is not allowed to EAT or TOUCH peanuts/tree nut

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