504 for Virtual School... What would you do?


I just received this message from the districts 504 co-ordinator...

You will need to complete the Referral form and have the physician's form completed and signed by your child's doctor. We will also need to know what steps you take at home and in the community to prevent their exposure to peanuts and shellfish (particularly for your son). For example, how do you handle visitors to your home, visiting friends and relatives' homes, eating out, birthday parties, and visiting public places like the mall or movies? Have they ever attended public schools?

(Would you answer these questions? Are they appropriate?)

I will also need the following information:





Zoned Public School

Academic Transcripts

Standardized Test Score History (if applicable)


Questions: 1. Why would they need his academic transcripts and test scores for a 504 for allergies? Doesn't make sense to me. Do I give them to them or refuse?

2. This is the Statement that is on the Physician's Statement of Health Form: Authorization for Release of Medical Information I grant permission for my child

On Jul 27, 2007

I'd e-mail for 'clarification' as to why your day-to-day management strategy is relevent. Since you are 'now confused by some of the items mentioned, as they don't seem to be relvent to the evaluation of eligibility.' As to a medical records release, I'd object to that-- but make it clear that you are happy to obtain information [i]as needed[/i] for evaluation. Just not carte blanche. That's unnecessarily intrusive into your child's private medical information.

Fax your physician's letter an any associated RAST/SPT results and ask if there is anything more that they need from you in order to determine eligibility.

It may just be that this is some sort of 'standard' list of things that [i]may[/i] be needed for a thorough evaluation-- and they simply aren't sure what is germaine.

Is the national level involved at all? If they are not, I'd make sure you speak to someone there too.

It sounds like they are fishing for 'proof' that you 'really live like that.' Which they are NOT 'entitled to.' After all, as far as I know, kids with ADHD aren't asked about their media viewing and extracurricular activies during an evaluation. Maybe I'm wrong.

The other thing you might find, though, is that since this is a virtual school, they may regard your day-to-day activities and management as a 'school environment,' in which case it may be best to play along with [i]that[/i] request.

But the medical records?? No way. Ask for evidence that a physician will be the one reviewing them-- because much of what is in them is useless to anyone else anyway, and your child has a right to not waive all rights to privacy simply by seeking evaluation. They can have what is relevent. But nothing MORE, just as in an immunization record for any student doesn't involve a complete medical records release. KWIM?

I'd even go so far as to say that you and your allergist are perplexed by the request, since you are more than happy to provide any information that they might require.

If you don't have a physician's letter which fairly baldly states eligibility as a matter of fact using the language of Sec. 504, get one.

On Jul 27, 2007

I suspect (strongly!) that the test scores and transcripts request is simply a standard one with ANY 504 evaluation.... in this case, the information isn't really relevent because this is a 504 for a medical condition, rather than one with a direct academic impact.... KWIM? But as long as you are crystal clear about why the medical condition alone is qualifying (and so is the 504-C you are dealing with) then I'd have no problem providing the info.

As long as they understand that it isn't really an appropriate 'source of information' for use in determining eligibility.

Give them the benefit of the doubt at this point-- after all, they may well be working from a process and forms that are intended for ADHD and the like. But line up your ducks to quote OCR documents (and forward the most insightful ones) to them.

And just to offer some encouragement to you.... YES, the process with the cyberschool is always a TON of up-front work. AT LEAST as much as with a brick and mortar school, it seems. But the silver lining is that all that time that you used to invest in trying to find out what the classroom teacher was up to, or when you needed to send alternate treats in for your kids, etc. etc. etc..... With a virtual school, you won't spend ANY of [i]that[/i] time, because you control the 'school environment.'

It'll be worth it in the end. You'll see!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Sep 25, 2007

Just wanted to update on this...

I finally talked to the 504 co-ordinator for the district and she was wonderful! She said she already knew that he was eligible for the 504 and after we discussed it a second time and I decided not to persue it at this time she was trying to talk me into it!

Actually the brick wall I hit was with his pediatrician of all people! He was livid that we were homeschooling and not only refused to sign anything to do with the 504 he actually refused to fill out the paperwork for the eye, ear and dental screening that the kids HAD to have to even enroll! I was so angry!! I took the 2 w/ allergy's in for a full physical and to talk to him about the 504 (he said he had never heard of such a thing as a 504 and he had worked with the district for 25 years and wanted me to tell the cyber school to call him! The district co-ordinator laughed when she heard this and said flat out that he was lying!) Anyway... the other 2 kids were supposed to go the next day for a physical but since he would not fill out the paper I had to have to enroll them and didn't give them a physical... did no more than he does at a sick visit, I told his nurse to cancel the appointments for the next day.

She could tell I was upset and asked me what the problem was, so I told her. The other Dr that works in that practice overheard us talking (I had never met him before, he was new) and he filled out the eye, ear and dental for all four kids right then and there!

I found out that the field trips are optional and the boys teacher lives 3 hours away, so more than likely they wouldn't be near where we live anyway (our car doesn't run well enough to go too far). The girls lucked out and there teacher lives only about 15 minutes away [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Also, as far as the tests they will likely be done in a hotel conference room and I've been given permission to go in ahead of time and wash down his area.

Both teachers were VERY willing at this point to work with me to keep the kids safe, so I'm going to see how it goes. If we have any problems then we will start the 504 process, but I just cannot see a reason for it at this time.

We LOVE the cyber school! It has been awesome!!! The kids are doing extremely well and we are so pleased with how things are going so far.

On Sep 25, 2007

Legally you have to have a physician's note attesting to the disability before they can start a 504. (I have to have these for work, too.)

I think they are trying to do a detailed job and review the academic records to make sure that allergies aren't interfering with academic performance and to make sure that an IEP isn't needed.

It sounds like they are following the book to me like they would with anyone else that had any kind of disability.