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Posted on: Wed, 07/18/2001 - 7:01am
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Thank you so much!!! Can a 504 be used in a private school? or is it only for public schools.

Posted on: Wed, 07/18/2001 - 10:40am
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I'm glad you found it helpful. About a year ago I had the exact same question. A wonderfully nice woman, Laura P. got me started on the right track. It is important to know that you are not alone.
-Okay...I am not a lawyer, but I believe that private school is a whole other ball of wax. Unless the private school receives federal funding, I believe Section 504 does not apply. I believe you would look for protection for your child under ADA - The American with Disabilities Act. Since I have been focusing my efforts this past year on Section 504, I have not spent any time researching ADA. I have gathered some links on [url="http://www.allergysupport.org,"]www.allergysupport.org,[/url] you might find those useful as you begin your research.
Keep me posted. Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Mon, 08/20/2001 - 12:52pm
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Bringing this up for Mybaby and other parents that do not know what a section 504 plan is.
Sue in Sunny Arizona

Posted on: Sun, 10/13/2002 - 9:28pm
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I would definately be interested in seeing Rilla's 26 point plan!

Posted on: Mon, 10/14/2002 - 3:22am
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I have a very small school to deal with so I feel blessed by all the help they have given me. This web site helped me address the 504 issue the school did not blink. One thing to remember to add in are the steps to be taken in case of a sub. teacher. I am always called as soon as possible, at that time I decide if Keith can go to school or if he stays home that day. I have even gone to school with him to talk to the sub to feel out the situation. If I do not feel good about it he does not go... My school does not have any extra funding for 504 accomodation, if fact they were in the red last year. I would love an aide to go with Keith at Lunch, you know 4 or of 6 children with sever allergy have their problems at school.... My school said they had to provide reasonable accomodation for my son they did not offer and aide, should I push for this???? I feel good about their help and tried to educate all who will listen. Keith is in Kinder and loves school it makes me happy so see him like this. We have his epi-pens (2 he wears) in a zipploc baggie inside is a 8x10 sheet with his pic on it and is says FATAL ALLERGY ALERT...2 PENS are inside with easy admin instruction and all regular employees have been instucted by me. These Pen are on a board away from children but are easy access (No LOCK UP).. My sister-in-law work with special children and said if you have a 504 the law is on your side.

Posted on: Wed, 01/28/2004 - 12:52pm
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I did do a search. Does anyone know where rilira's 26 point 504 Plan is posted? I can't find it. I wanted to re-raise it for another PA.com member.
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Posted on: Mon, 08/20/2007 - 11:25am
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bumping for all the parents looking for help with creating a 504 for their DChild(ren).
Thank you ALL for all you knowlegde and guidence!! I am in dept to all you veterans in this peanut war...
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