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Posted on: Wed, 01/11/2006 - 10:58pm
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First, let me say that I am glad that your allergist is supportive and that you seem happy with his letter and what he has to say.
I also understand the caution many of you feel. But I must say, I am on the other side of the fence here. DS has several health issues, PA being only one, and quite honestly, as far as school is concerned, of less concern than other issues.
I have signed many forms giving the school permission to talk to DS's doctor (never an allergist, though). And, in fact, I got info through the school that the doctor shared with them but never told me! Of course, I don't think the doctor was keeping it a secret, it's just that it was technical enough that most non-health care professionals wouldn't understand, but I am more educated in medicine than a typical non-medical professional. It also came in handy to have the nurse call the neurologist herself when DS had a seizure at school. I was not in a condition to do it myself, and hadn't even witnessed the seizure. So I have been very happy to have given the school permission to talk with the pediatrician, the neurologist, even the eye doctor.
But I must add, that I have also been very happy with how the school has handled all of DS's medical issues. They are definitely looking out for his best interest, not just their own. Although, I have the impression that our school feels that the student's best interest is the school's best interest. And that is fine with me.

Posted on: Wed, 01/11/2006 - 11:00pm
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I really feel that the school wants to speak to the allergist to find away around anything that I request, maybe to even discourage us from proceeding with the 504. The consent they want me to sign would give permission to the principal, asst. principal or 504-C to call the allergist, which makes me even more suspicious. I have seen the principal use trickery to hear what HE wanted to hear before, so I know he'll do it again. We had an RN come to speak to the school staff during their staff meeting one morning about peanut allergies and give Epi training. Brandon's classmates mom - my friend and Partner In Peanut Crime - have been asking for additional help in the lunch room to keep an eye on the pnut free table so she and I won't have to continually takes turns coming up there for lunch. The principal asked the RN (who has a child in elementary school in another district with a peanut allergy) what they do at her child's school during lunch and do they have someone specifically assigned to the pnut free table. She said no, but went on to explain that there are four lunch aids, the principal and parent volunteers there everyday, so there are enough eyes to watch. But, he got her to say what HE wanted to hear, that being there is no one specifically assigned to the pnut free table. She told me later that she was driving home after the meeting and realized he tricked her into admitting that. THIS is EXACTLY what they want to do w/the allergist, I know it. I have firmly decided no matter what they say, they are not getting my permission to call him. If they need further documentation, I can provide it for them. The allergist even said that he cannot provide specifics for the plan for school because he doesn't know the lay out or the daily routine at school. Those decisions need to be OURS as his parents. The allergist simply said he just needs to be kept away from peanuts and nuts. Ugh, unfortunately, I'm the first in the district to request a 504 for food allergies. The allergist tells me I'm the pioneer for food allergies in the district. Never in a million years thought I'd be pioneering anything! I'm thinking about contacting anyone that I can find in the district that has a child with peanut allergies and asking them to start calling the 504-C to inquire about 504 plans, just to rattle some cages.

Posted on: Thu, 01/12/2006 - 12:44am
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Actually, due to the difficulty I had with my school district, our allergist seriously considered meeting with our school district. He had DD's 504 Eligibility meeting on his calendar. But the letter he wrote supporting her 504 designation was so strong and thorough, it became clear that his attendance wasn't necessary. (I'll raise his letter for you. Have you seen it? Edited to link: [url="http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum7/HTML/001875.html"]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum7/HTML/001875.html[/url]
"The gloves" and your own story of how the principal manipulated information he extracted from the school nurse is EXACTLY what I fear could happen with your allergist. It was my experience as well that sometimes certain information was omitted by administrators in order to advance their own agendas... i.e. that my DD did not qualify for a 504 designation. I could definitely see how they could extract information from your allergist that they could misrepresent (purposefully or unintentionally).
What's that expression? [i]Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on [b]me[/b].... [/i]
Tracy, does your school district have a physician consultant? Our school district has a pediatrician on retainer. And they also, of course, have an attorney (probably more than one, actually) on retainer. They consulted with both regularly regarding our situation. You could probably assume that the same may be true for you.
Something to be aware of here, silly as it may seem, it that there is a medical hierarchy that can come into play. It was a factor in our experience, anyway. Our allergist is board certified in pediatrics [i]and[/i] allergy & immunology. He "trumps" the SD's physician consultant who is 'only' board certified in pediatrics.
Your allergist is a very key player. So are you and your husband. I think you are very wise to control the information flow and remain the gatekeeper.
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Posted on: Thu, 01/12/2006 - 9:00pm
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I was working last night (I work from home doing medical transcription) and a call came in at 6:41 p.m. that I didn't answer because I was working. After I was finished with work, I checked the voicemail and it was the school's 504-C. She said she had received my email and was calling to "clear some things up". She said she had received a call from the principal about 504's because she is the 504-C and she wanted to talk to me because there must have been some "miscommunication as to what is going on". I don't think she knows anything about the consent form the asst. principal asked me to sign. I had my DH listen to the message and he thought the same thing. I think the principal TOLD the asst. principal to tell me that the 504-C wanted to talk to the allergist so HE could have permission to call. I thought it was odd that I was told the 504-C wanted permission to call the allergist, but then the consent listed the principal, the asst. principal and the 504-C. That sneaky you-know-what! I'm so glad I didn't sign! I'm going to call the 504-C today, but I don't think I can trust her either. My DH said not to let them try to get me off track from what is most important here and that's getting DS a 504. Can you believe these people?

Posted on: Thu, 01/12/2006 - 9:45pm
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Its as if THEY take anti 504 training.
Do not trust any of them. They are probably talking this up without you all day. They probably have meetings without you to discuss this, ect.
I wouldnt sign it either. I would let them know they can request info from your allergist in writing.
Nothing says you cant have a 504 without a consent form.
When is the meeting?

Posted on: Thu, 01/12/2006 - 10:05pm
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Hi Debbie - I just requested the 504 last week, so there is no meeting date set yet. I'm sure they'll try to drag this out as long as possible. I guess I expected to get the run around. Everyone will probably tell me something different, to their benefit, of course. Another mom in our district was told that the principal is the 504 coordinator by the Director of Elem. Ed, so they all lie. The same Director also told my friend that she doesn't recommend doing a 504 because it will just cause the principal to resent you and close the lines of communcation. You are right about the anti-504. They don't want this, they will lose control of the situation. I'm willing to be the 504-C will try to talk me out of it as well. I was told by the asst. principal that there has never been a 504 for food allergies in our district, so they will try their very best to worm their way out of it. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? I guess this situation will help me develop a back bone. Ugh! I'll post again after I get in touch w/the 504-C or if anything else developes!

Posted on: Fri, 01/13/2006 - 8:12am
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The more I read of this & ponder, if I were in your place, I would refrain from doing ANY 504 business or discussion over the telephone in any way!
[b] This principal is NOT to be trusted. [/b]
ALL dealings should be in writing with cc's to appropriate parties concerned. If you must do telephone business with any of parties involved, part of your own CYA should be an immediate follow-up written memo regarding specific conversation details & your understandings as to discussion and actions to be taken(take good notes during conversation)
For Example:
[i] Dear Principal XYZ, Per our telephone conversation of January 13, 2006, 10:06 - 10:26 AM, it is our understanding as to the following procedures:
1. Any questions you, the assistant prin, and/or the 504 Coor may have of our child's physician will be made directly to us/parents, in writing.
2. We/parents will review those questions, forwarding on to the physician those questions which we feel to be appropriately answerable only by him.
3. Physician will consult with patient and parents as to questions and answers.
4. Parents will review and sign off on completed questions, with copy also being sent directly to principal (affected parties), etc.
5. Principal will acknowledge receipt and review of questions within X amount of time (obviously, use some sort of return receipt for snailmail & e-mail).
PLEASE NOTE: If you are in disagreement with any of the above, please reply in writing within 48 hours. If we do not hear from your office within this amount of time, it will be assumed by all parties A,B,&C that the above understandings are accurate and in place. Signed, Parents [/i]
Though the wording may not be perfect, my whole point is that I would CYA CYA CYA! If this principal is sooooo against a 504 itself & it's written legal requirements of him and his staff, he will need to have ALL requests/requirements/correspondence of/with him done in writing and his feet held to the fire.
Time to put "Principal Manipulator" in a box and keep him there.
Just my .02-worth anyway.

Posted on: Fri, 01/13/2006 - 9:33am
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Now that is some good stuff.
I totally agree.
You should be in only document mode now.
I would still try to keep it light because you dont want them to think you are too smart yet. Just documenting so you have time to re-read it and understand everything.
Pedro offers you his protection.

Posted on: Fri, 01/13/2006 - 9:53am
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Oh my gosh Debbie! You made me laugh with your statement about Pedro! You are so funny! I needed that! We love "Napoleon and Dynamite" as our 4 y.o. DD calls him.
All I have to say is this principal guy is an "Idiot!".
Thanks for the much needed humor :-)

Posted on: Fri, 01/13/2006 - 10:03am
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What a shock! I spoke to the 504-C this morning and it was confirmed that the principal was trying to pull a fast one. The 504-C doesn't even know anything about the form I was given. She did say, however, that she has her own form that she wants me to eventually sign, giving her permission to fax over our 504 plan to the allergist for him to approve. I don't feel comfortable with that either. When I told her that, she said it is her job to work w/the allergist and get the approval. She said we will work together as a team. She said the first meeting will be with myself and my DH, her and the principal to get an outline of the 504 going. She was going to call the principal to get a couple of dates that he would be available. Should be interesting.


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