504 Coordinator to Principal? Direct me, please.


Once I speak to the 504 Coordinator and request documentation from the school district on this subject, where should I go next? Assuming that I've written my letter enclosing the allergist's letters to the 504 coordinator and have some meaningful (or meaningless) dialogue, should I go right to the principal? Or should I wait for kindergarten registration where my son and I will have a meeting with the school nurse? I was thinking of asking the principal to set time aside in his schedule to meet with the school nurse and me during the registration process. At that point, I can distribute the allergist's letters to them, and lay out a specific 504 with the 504 primer for them to examine and comment. If the principal is not available at that specific time period, I'll schedule it later during the day to meet with him privately.

Is this plan going in the right direction, or am I missing a step(s)?

On Feb 18, 2002

ryan's mom,

As you already know, we went straight to the principal. It seems to be working for us. I suspect everyone's situation will be different.

I called the school out of the blue back in, oh, I think, October. The first response I got was "Wait." I pressed the subject, and the principal agreed to meet with us. We're all glad we started when we did.

I understand your apprehension. I was afraid of making the wrong move, and messing everything up. Since our second meeting, I feel much more confident and encouraged.

As you know, there are several others here who have been through this already, and have gone a different route than we have. I'm sure you'll get lots of direction.

Good luck! Take care, Tammy

On Feb 19, 2002

Hi Ryan

On Feb 19, 2002

Ryan's Mom,

I too live in PA, I went to the principal first and talked with her. Then we set up a meeting for when we went to kindergarten registration with Drew's teacher and also the nurse and principal.

The principal also set up a meeting with the school and our 504 coordinator and the head person in charge of all of the students in our district.

If you look under schools I have posted documents that were given to me by our 504 coordinator that deal with pennsylvania laws. I will re-raise them for you to look over.

Best wishes,

Renee [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Feb 19, 2002

Thanks Rhonda and Renee. (Yes, I like to hear your story on how you got the 504 designation, Rhonda, if you have the time.)

I called the 504 coordinator's office today and kind of got the brush off that I really should be speaking to the principal and registration/attendance secretary. She said most likely the secretary would deal with this (forgive me for laughing silently when she said this because I knew she wouldn't know anything about it.) I called the secretary (of course she didn't even want to make a call on this one, nor did she want to because she said she didn't know much about this) and she referred me to the school nurse, with whom I'm already familiar. She suggested a meeting with the principal and herself (just as I wanted anyway) and asked if I could give her some dates and times I could come in so she could coordinate a meeting.

Right now, my doctor's letters (one on classroom management of the peanut allergy and the other is more a clone of Rhonda's doctor's letter for specific 504 info) are almost ready and will be sent to the 504 coordinator to request a meeting. However, should I ask the nurse to schedule a meeting to include the 504 coordinator, or should this meeting be separate. Of course, if I get the brushoff saying that he won't attend, I'll send a letter to request and appointment with him separately.

Also, as far as I know, I'm the first one to request a 504 in our elementary school (K-3) (1300+) students. There are three other smaller elementary schools. Last year when I asked about 504 info, no one (school nurse or principal) really knew anything about it) Last year there were 5 students with food allergies, this year there are 8. I definitely know there are two other students with a peanut allergy in second grade, with a possible third one but don't know the name of the student.

I think (lucky me) that I'm the first to request one for a child with a food allergy.

On Feb 19, 2002

Hi Ryan's Mom, Okay, given this information...I, personally, would send my request letter with my doctor's documentation *carefully worded* to 1. School Building Principal 2. District Section 504 Coordinator 3. School Nurse

I would request that the 504 Coordinator be present, because it is the 504 Coordinator who is suppose to know and understand Section 504. You may get 10 minutes into a meeting without the coordinator, and they may say...

On Feb 20, 2002


If you have time, could you please comment on my last post under the thread, "Rights of PA Students in Pennsylvania."

On Feb 20, 2002

Hi Ryan's Mom, Sure thing. Here is a link to thread if anyone wants to read that thread as well.