46 year old with pa


Hi, I have Celiac Sprue and when I was reacting most violently with the disease before it was dignosed (I was 40), I ate a lot of peanut butter. This has now caused a peanut allergy that has sent me to the emergency room before.

Courage to all you moms out there. I have raised two kids, both who stopped breathing at times because of food allergies. It can be scary, but you can get through it, deal with it and lead fairly normal lives. Both my sons now attend Universities. Just be sure to watch and follow your instincts and intuition.

On Oct 27, 2005

Hi lesmac, Welcome to the boards. It must have been difficult to have two PA kids. And now that you've got PA I can bet it really limits your food if you also have celiac sprue. But at least you know how to live with PA! The members here are super. They've really helped me over the last year. cheers (and welcome) Adele