4 Northwest Flights... all OK

Posted on: Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:19am
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We just returned from Florida on Northwest Airlines. We had 1 stop each way, 4 flights total. Thankfully Northwest does not serve peanuts. They do, however, sell snacks that contain trail mix and cashews. UGH! My son is severely TNA as well as PA.

We pre-treated him with Zyrtec and had our epi and Benadryl with us. We wiped down every surface we could, including the cloth seats. I had a giant Ziploc bag to put his carry on bag in before it went under the seat.

He was fine, I was a nervous wreck! The flight crew did make announcements for us each time, notifying everyone of his allergy and to please not eat peanuts or nuts on board if they brought their own. Also, they did not serve the trail mix on our 2 long flights (Detroit to Florida and the return).

We had one family in front of us that was opening up a bag of "homemade trail mix" with peanuts and cheerios for their kids. We saw it, luckily, explained about how severe my son's allergy is and they were nice enough to put it away.

Why must we ruin our vacation by flying? It is so extremely stressful. I wrote Northwest again saying I appreciate their accommodations, but please remove nuts from your snacks. We'll see if it gets anywhere. I just wanted to let everyone know that they do seem to be very accommodating once you get on board and explain the situation. Thank goodness we have another whole year before we must fly again!

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