4 month old just diagnosed with severe PA and egg allergy

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Hi. My daughter has had increasingly bad eczema the past two months. I had her tested for allergies, and she has a severe PA and egg allergy. She has been continually exposed to them through my breast milk. So now I am on day 1 of an egg and peanut free diet. I guess it is good practice because when she is older I will need to keep her on the same diet. I am very stressed out and feel overwhelmed. I just ate like 10 oreos because I think it's one of the only safe foods in my house...or is it?

By aspano on Jul 20, 2010

Hi, I was wondering how your little one is doing with the egg & peanut allergy. Have you discovered any new allergies? (I'm curious because our children had the same allergies). I've found that my daughter is also allergic to yogurt. I let her try formula too. I thought if she could drink formula on rare occasions then I could have a break from nursing. But she got hives from it!

I hope you are doing well!

By Michaels Mom on Mar 9, 2010

It's all very stressful! We have the same 2 allergies and the combo becomes tedious at times! I believe oreos are egg safe (haven't checked since we found that allergy). I do know they CAN be peanut safe- they'll be labeled with a warning if not. They started to make PB cakesters, so you have to check each time. Another useful resource for egg allergy is the food allergy hyperboards. They have forums there for each of the major allergens. I find I get very fast answers there, as well.

By BestAllergySites on Mar 11, 2010

Welcome to peanutallergy.com!

I know it's very stressful. Get a hug from a friend and pat yourself on the back for being a good mama. It will get easier in time.

We too have a peanut/tree nut and egg allergy.

As Michael's mom said--Oreos are usually okay. Just ck labels. They do not contain egg.

There are tons of foods you'll be able to eat. It will just take some time to read labels and keep an ongoing list. But you can do it!

Try to take some time for yourself if you can to relax. And any questions--feel free to ask here.

By aspano on Jul 20, 2010

Thank you for the tip about flax meal as a binder. I have been in search of something like that for meatballs. I hope your little one is doing well and that you have the eczema under control. My daughter is eczema free now for three months. Eliminating the egg & peanut from my diet has fixed the problem for her. I have also found that she is allergic to yogurt & I tried some formula which she was also allergic to. I'm not sure what ingredient in the formula caused the hives though. Let me know how you two are doing!

By PerpetualChef on Jun 7, 2010


I also have a babe who's struggled with eczema since early on, and we've been on elimination diets for a while.

I really miss egg! But, found Flax meal is a decent substitute for quick breads and muffins. I even used it as a binder in meatloaf and meatballs.

As someone else on that road with a babe, it is hard... but our allergist/pediatrician said that the little ones are always changing and will hopefully outgrow some of the sensitivities like egg.

best to you and the little one.