3yr. old just diagnosed?


I have a three year old whom was diagnosed before his first birthday with milk, egg and peanut allergy. I am wondering about a friend though. He son will be three in a few weeks and has had chronic sinus infections and ear infections for years. They did a RAST on him and got the results back yesterday. He is a 1066 (level 4) on peanut, as well as testing high on some other foods and their dog. When the office called with the results he happened to be eating a PB&J sandwhich which he has done his whole life with no reactions. So how is it possible for him to have eaten peanuts for these past few years, never had a single reaction and still test so high? Is it a possible false positive? Or have they just been extremely lucky? Anyone heard of this happening? They don't plan to change their lifestyle except to cut out the peanut butter! I tried to tell her a little more, but until they actually talk to the doctor next week, I don't think she will see the seriousness of it. Thanks in advance for the info if you have any for me! CoCo

On Dec 4, 2001

Not everyone has severe reactions to peanuts. This child obviously reacts differently (stuffiness and ear problems which is how a lot of kids react to milk). From what I understand that doesn't mean there will never be a severe reaction.

On Dec 5, 2001

Trace's mom,

My son was 3 when he was diagnosed also. We did not feed him PB&J sandwiches because he hated the taste and would spit it out. He had cross-contaminated food hundreds of times and it never occurred to us that there might be a problem had it not been for chance encounters with two Reese's pieces on two different occasions. I don't know what it is about that candy, but those two incidents produced reactions that made me bring up the subject at his 3-year old physical. His skin test (at 3) was positive and his blood test just recently came back "off the charts." His "chronic asthma" (from 18 mos. to 3 years) seems to have disappeared with elimination of the allergen. He just turned 5 and has been extremely healthy the past two years.

Unfortunately, your friend seems to be hidden under a cloud of ignorance. I, too, was under that cloud for a few weeks until doing research and visiting this site. My fingers are crossed that she will "get it" soon. Good thing she has you as a friend.