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I just found out yesterday that I have a severe pnut allergy. Saturday I had my very first severe reaction to raw pnuts.....I am still in disbelief.....I don't know how serious to take this!! I've eaten pnuts and pnut butter my whole life, now my dr. is telling me I need a medic id bracelet and epipen!! Do Drs. tend to try to scare patients, or do I really need to avoid anything that has ever touched a pnut?? Help!! Has anyone else been diagnose later in life or know someone who has?? I'm scared and in shock...I can't believe I can't ever make my daughter a pbj sandwich again!! I can't ever have a doughnut again....store bought cake.....It's just crazy......If anyone has advice or similar stories, please share....Thank you!!

By doofusclo on Feb 12, 2009

Sorry you are joining us. I have a daughter with multiple food allergies. You had a reaction that is pretty strong confirmation. The bad thing about the way allergic reactions usually go is that usually they get exponentially worse. So I wouldn't take any chances. You are not the first person who is finding out as an adult. You might try putting your story in the adults living with section to contact them. Look up the in memory page if you want to see how dangerous food allergies can be. I don't blame you for being scared. It is scary.

By saknjmom on Feb 12, 2009

You must be very scared. Food allergies are manageable with some lifestyle changes and some good education.

By bennettryanmom on Feb 12, 2009

Thank you!!